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Projects financed by the Commission

Projects financed by the Commission : By alphabetical order

Projects by alphabetical order

  • ADVISORSpdf(54 kB)

    Action for advanced Driver assistance and Vehicle control systems Implementation, Standardisation, Optimum use of the Road network and Safety

  • ALCOLOCKpdf(68 kB)

    Alcohol interlock implementation in the European Union; an in-depth qualitative field trial

  • APROSYSpdf(93 kB)

    Advanced Protection Systems

  • APSNpdf(61 kB)

    Advanced Passive Safety Network

  • ARTEMISpdf(85 kB)

    Assessment and Reliability of Transport Emission Models and Inventory Systems

  • ASTERYXpdf(52 kB)

    Assessing The European Road SafetY Problem - an eXploitation study of the CARE Database

  • AUTOFOREpdf(69 kB)

    Study on the future Options for Roadworthiness Enforcement in the European Union

  • AVENUEpdf(78 kB)

    Actions for Vulnerable, Elderly, Novice drivers and road Users in Europe

  • CAPTIVEpdf(48 kB)

    Common Application of Traffic Violations Enforcement

  • CASTpdf(77 kB)

    Campaigns and Awareness-raising Strategies in Traffic Safety

  • CHILDpdf(70 kB)

    Child Injury Led Design

  • CITA 1pdf(52 kB)

    CITA research study programme on electronically controlled systems on vehicles

  • CLEANER DRIVEpdf(56 kB)

    Addresses Task 2.2.2/6 ("Use and Integration of New Generation Vehicles and Radically Improved Propulsion Systems in the Transport System") of Key Action 2 on Sustainable Mobility and Intermodality within the Growth 2000 Programme

  • CONSOLpdf(70 kB)

    Road Safety in the ageing societies – CONcerns and SOLutions

  • CONSPICUITYpdf(45 kB)

    Conspicuity of Heavy Goods Vehicles

  • COST 327pdf(55 kB)

    Motorcycle Safety Helmets


    Crash Test Database

  • FAIRpdf(50 kB)

    Fully Automatic Integrated Road Control

  • FIDpdf(47 kB)

    Improved Frontal Impact Protection through a World Frontal Impact Dummy

  • FORMATpdf(50 kB)

    Fully Optimised Road maintenance

  • GADGETpdf(42 kB)

    Guarding Automobile Drivers through Guidance Education and Technology

  • GLAREpdf(49 kB)

    Relevance of glare sensitivity and impairment of visual function among European drivers

  • HASTEpdf(53 kB)

    Human Machine interface And the Safety of Traffic in Europe

  • HEAVY ROUTEpdf(51 kB)

    Intelligent Route Guidance for Heavy Vehicles

  • HERMESpdf(57 kB)

    High Impact approach for Enhancing Road safety through More Effective communication Skills for driving instructors

  • HEROESpdf(74 kB)

    Health & Road safety: volunteering heroes

  • MAIDSpdf(46 kB)

    Motorcycle Accidents In Depth Study

  • MEDRILpdf(46 kB)

    Study of medical examination for driving licence holders in 4 EU-MS

  • MERCURIOpdf(73 kB)

    A European analysis of the road Injuries management System with regard to the social and economic impact of emergency and post-injuries services on national finances and households

  • MIRRORSpdf(45 kB)

    Cost-benefit analysis of blind spot mirrors


    Module Close To  II aims at developing "peer education" methods in which young drivers who have been involved in road accidents present their experience to learning drivers.

  • MOSAFIMpdf(69 kB)

    Motorcyclists road safety improvement through better performance of the protective equipment and first aid devices

  • MYMOSApdf(49 kB)

    Motorcycle and Motorcyclist Safety

  • NESApdf(44 kB)

    Nuit Européenne Sans Accident

  • NPACSpdf(48 kB)

    New programme for the assessment of child seats

  • NR2Cpdf(50 kB)

    New Road Construction Concepts towards reliable, green, safe&smart and human infrastructure in Europe

  • OSSApdf(52 kB)

    Open framework for Simulation of transport Strategies and Assessment

  • PARTICULATESpdf(64 kB)

    Characterisation of Exhaust Particulate Emissions from Road Vehicles

  • PENDANTpdf(54 kB)

    Pan-European Co-ordinated Accident and Injury Database

  • PEPPERpdf(50 kB)

    Police Enforcement Policy and Programmes on European Roads

  • PILOT4SAFETYpdf(72 kB)

    Pilot project for common EU Curriculum for Road Safety experts: training and application on Secondary Roads

  • PISApdf(56 kB)

    Powered Two Wheeler Integrated Safety

  • PRAISEpdf(76 kB)

    Preventing Road Accidents and Injuries for the Safety of Employees

  • PROLOGUEpdf(68 kB)

    Naturalistic driving

  • PROMISINGpdf(55 kB)

    Promotion of mobility and safety of vulnerable road users

  • PROSPERpdf(53 kB)

    Project for Research On Speed adaptation Policies on European Roads

  • QUAVADISpdf(49 kB)

    Quality and Use Aspects of Vehicle Adaptations for DISabled

  • QUERYpdf(48 kB)

    Developing guidelines for a best practice qualification of accident analysts

  • RAINVISIONpdf(70 kB)

    Influence of the performance of road markings on driver behaviour – Wet night visibility

  • RANKERSpdf(50 kB)

    Ranking for European Road Safety

  • RASIFpdf(48 kB)

    Road Accident Serious Injuries in Florence

  • RED-CROSS 2004-2005pdf(49 kB)

    The European Red Cross Road Safety Campaign 2005

  • REHABIL-AIDpdf(67 kB)

    REducing the HArm and the Burden of Injuries and human Loss caused by road traffic crashes and Addressing Injury Demands through effective interventions

  • REVEALpdf(57 kB)

    Remote Measurement of Vehicle Emissions at Low Cost

  • RIDERSCANpdf(68 kB)

    European Scanning Tour for motorcycle safety


    Road Infrastructure Safety Protection

  • RISERpdf(49 kB)

    Roadside Infrastructure for Safer European Roads

  • ROSApdf(57 kB)

    Dissemination of European handbook on best-practice related to two-wheeled motor vehicles' safety

  • ROSACEpdf(47 kB)

    Road Safety in cities: change road safety education in europe

  • ROSATpdf(53 kB)

    Road Accident Independant Investigations

  • ROSE-25pdf(50 kB)

    Inventory and Compiling of an European Good Practice guide on road safety education targeted at young people

  • ROSEBUDpdf(63 kB)

    Road Safety and Environmental Benefit-Cost and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis for Use in Decision-Making

  • ROSITA 2pdf(46 kB)

    Evaluation of roadside oral fluid drug tests for the detection of drivers under the influence of drugs

  • ROSYPEpdf(71 kB)

    Road Safety for Young People in Europe

  • TEDDIEpdf(60 kB)

    Test(D)DIEsel - EU Low Diesel Emissions

  • TEN D BY NIGHTpdf(55 kB)

    TEN D BY NIGHT Dark, Dance, Disco, Dose, Drugs, Drive, Danger, Damage, Disability, Death

  • THOMOpdf(71 kB)

    Development of a Finite Element Model of the Human Thorax and Upper Extremities

  • THORAXpdf(73 kB)

    Thoracic injury assessment for improved vehicle safety

  • TRACEpdf(51 kB)

    Traffic Accident Causation in Europe


    Study on Road Traffic Rules and Corresponding Enforcement Actions in the Member States of the European Union (EU 15)

  • TRAIN-ALLpdf(59 kB)

    Integrated System for driver TRaining and Assessment using Interactive education tools and New training curricula for ALLmodes of road transport

  • TRAINERpdf(61 kB)

    System for driver Training and Assessment using Interactive Evaluation tools and Reliable Methodologies


    Application of road safety related Community legislation in transport companies

  • TRAVEL-GUIDEpdf(47 kB)

    Traveller and traffic information systems: Guidelines for the enhancement of integrated information provision services

  • TYROSAFEpdf(48 kB)

    Tyre and Road Surface Optimisation for Skid resistance and Further Effects

  • WATCH-OVERpdf(49 kB)

    Vehicle-to-Vulnerable roAd user cooperaTive communication and sensing teCHnologiesto imprOVE transpoRt safety

  • WHITE ROADSpdf(69 kB)

    White spots in the Trans-European road network: a positive approach to road safety