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On this part of the website, you will find road safety related data and important information on what to do with crash data. The data is organised either as part of an interactive data browsing tool (e.g. crash and exposure data, and data about performance indicators and attitudes) or as static data (ASR , BFS and causation information).

Information about data sources and methods how the data was gathered can be found by clicking on the data-link that you need. There is also information available in the Methods section.

Annual statistical reports

Basic fact sheets

Accident data

Exposure data

This section of the website is still under construction.

To get an impression of the upcoming content, you can click on the data tables below. You have to use Internet Explorer for an optimal usage of the data tool.

Click here to learn more about how to use Cognos Powerplay (the data tool)

Population by country, age and gender (source: Eurostat)
Person kilometres by type of vehicle (source: Eurostat)
Vehicle kilometres by type (source: Eurostat)

Beschrijving: /Images/powercube-20.gifRisk exposure data (source: Eurostat)

Performance indicators

Performance indicators are indicators that have a strong causal link with road safety, but are a better reflection of road safety management and the state of art of a country.

You can find information on performance indicators for the European countries of:

More information on background of the data can be found in the method section.

Attitudes and self-reported behaviour

Here you can find information about attitudes in European countries on safety related issues. The data arrives from SARTRE, which stands for Social Attitudes to Road Traffic Risk in Europe. This European project has gathered attitude information in 1991, 1996, 2003 and 2010.

You can find more information about SARTRE here.

To get information on attitudes, please click on one or more of the SARTRE-questions below to open a pdf-file.

Speeding related

Alcohol related

Seat belt wearing


Giving way to pedestrians

Driving through amber