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Traffic lights

Red light: do not cross the stop line or pass the light.

Yellow light precedes the red light: stop unless you are already too close to stop safely.

Red and yellow lights together: lights are about to change to green; get ready to go but don't set off until the green light is on.

Green light: drive on, provided the way is clear.

Green arrow beside the red light: you may turn in the direction of the arrow provided that you shall stop before the traffic lights and shall not cause an obstruction to other participants.

The information on this website according to Article 8(1) of the road safety directive (Directive 2015/413/EU) is provided by the national authorities in the country concerned. In the event of any conflict between the provided data and the rules in effect in a given country, the latter take precedence. The data are meant purely as a documentation tool and the Commission does not assume any liability for their content or their accuracy.