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Seat belts

The use of seat belts and child restraint systems is MANDATORY (Directive 91/671/EEC as amended). The use of seat belts is not compulsory for the following persons:

  • the driver of or a passenger in a motor vehicle constructed or adapted for the delivery or collection of goods or mail when carrying out local rounds of deliveries or collections
  • driver reversing or manoeuvring the motor vehicle for a short distance in a limited space
  • qualified driver and supervising the holder of provisional learning licence when the holder is performing any manoeuvre mentioned in the previous point
  • driver in possession of a certificate of medical exemption
  • member of the Police Force or of the Prison Service while protecting or escorting persons
  • driver in the service of a fire brigade and wearing operational clothing or equipment
  • medical officer or an attendant whilst attending to patients travelling in any ambulance
  • driver conducting a driving competence test
  • disabled person who is wearing a disabled person’s belt or a disabled person who is unable to use a standard belt
  • driver of a licensed taxi or car for hire while carrying passengers for hire

The information on this website according to Article 8(1) of the road safety directive (Directive 2015/413/EU) is provided by the national authorities in the country concerned. In the event of any conflict between the provided data and the rules in effect in a given country, the latter take precedence. The data are meant purely as a documentation tool and the Commission does not assume any liability for their content or their accuracy.