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Other specific rules

Daytime running lights are mandatory even during daylight hours

Safety equipment for cars Fire-extinguisherEmergency triangleFirst-aid kitReflective vest or reflector

Mandatory use of winter tyres From 10 November until 31 March (only vehicles weighing 3500 kg or less)

Safety equipment for cyclists HelmetCyclists and passengers under 18 must wear a securely fastened cycle helmet when cycling on the road. Cyclists over 18 who cycle along the road are recommended to wear a securely fastened cycle helmet.During the hours of darkness, or when visibility is poor, road cyclists must switch on their white front lights and red rear lights and must wear a reflective vest. During the day, road cyclists must wear red, orange or yellow reflective vests or switch on their white front lights and red rear lights.

The information on this website according to Article 8(1) of the road safety directive (Directive 2015/413/EU) is provided by the national authorities in the country concerned. In the event of any conflict between the provided data and the rules in effect in a given country, the latter take precedence. The data are meant purely as a documentation tool and the Commission does not assume any liability for their content or their accuracy.