Going abroad - Ireland

Forbidden lane

All traffic drives on the left in Ireland.



  • Drivers must only drive ahead. No turning or reversing is permitted.
  • Drivers must progress at a speed and in a way that avoids interference with other motorway traffic.
  • Drivers must not drive on any part of the motorway that is not a carriageway – for example a hard shoulder – except in an emergency.
  • Drivers must not stop or park on any part of the motorway unless their vehicle breaks down or they are signalled by the police (Garda) to do so.
  • Drivers must not drive a type of vehicle that is restricted to a maximum vehicle speed limit of 90 km/h or less in the traffic lane nearest the centre median of the motorway (the outside, or overtaking lane), except where the general speed limit is 90km/h or less.
  • Drivers must not pick up or set down anybody on a motorway.
  • Drivers must keep in the left lane of a motorway unless overtaking.


By law, drivers must enter a roundabout by turning to the left. Drivers must treat the roundabout as a junction and give right-of-way to traffic already on it (coming from the right). If the driver is unfamiliar with driving on the left hand side of the road, roundabouts may pose a particular risk (the driver should take extra care).

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