Going abroad - Belgium

Other specific rules


Car safety equipment Warning triangle
Fire extinguisher
First aid kit
High-visibility vest.


Bike safety equipment White or yellow front lights & red back lights. Tricycles & quads - white front reflectors and red tail reflectors.
Working brakes.

Drivers must wear a safety vest when outside a broken-down vehicle parked on motorways and roads in an area where stopping and parking are prohibited.

Protective clothing All motorbike riders (including passengers) must wear gloves, a long-sleeved jacket and long trousers (or a one-piece suit with long sleeves), and boots that protect the ankles.

Tab In very slow-moving traffic, drivers in a lane that is coming to an end or in which traffic is blocked, are allowed to edge their vehicle into the next lane, just before the point where their lane ends. Drivers in the lane with moving traffic are required to allow vehicles to gradually filter in in this way, before they reach the point where their lane ends.

No overtaking In case of precipitation (rain, snow, drizzle ...), for the drivers of vehicles and vehicles with trailers with a maximum permitted mass of > 7.5 t on motorways, dual carriageways and other A roads, with or without a central reservation.

Driving between stopped/slow-moving vehicles When traffic is stopped or very slow-moving, motorbikes are permitted to drive between the lines of vehicles. But only at a maximum speed of 50 km/h. And if the other vehicles are moving, this maximum speed may not be more than 20 km/h faster than the other vehicles. On motorways and other roads, motorbikes must keep to the 2 leftmost lanes.

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