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Forbidden lane

Lanes for pedestrians, cyclists, horse riders and farm vehicles

Reserved lanes may be used only by the categories of users displayed on traffic signs – e.g.


Cycling on roads

On the roads where cycling is allowed, cyclists may use the whole width of one-lane roads, and the right lane of two-lane roads.
Motor vehicles may drive on cycling lanes, but:

  • may not overtake cyclists
  • may not drive faster than 30 km/h.

Pedestrian areas

Access to pedestrian areas is normally reserved for pedestrians.

Where indicated, pedestrian areas may be accessible to delivery vehicles, taxis picking up or dropping off passengers, cyclists.

Cyclists must dismount if the density of pedestrians makes passage difficult.

Areas reserved for playing

On streets reserved for playing, the whole width of the street is reserved for games. Access is allowed only for residents and garage holders, vehicles with special priorities, roller skaters, scooters, and cyclists.

Lanes for public transport services

Some lanes are reserved for regular public transport services.

Bus lane

Indication of lane reserved for regular public transport services

Motorway lanes

Driving, stopping or parking on the hard shoulder (beyond the white line indicating the edge of the road) is not allowed.

Typical signs

Typical prohibitive signs are:

No entry for any vehicle

No entry, in any direction, for any vehicle

No entry for motor vehicles with more than two wheels and motorcycles with side-cars

No entry for off-road vehicles with four wheels, open bodywork, moped-type handlebars and a saddle

No entry for motorcycles

No entry for mopeds

No entry for cyclists

No entry for towed vehicles

No entry for horse-riding

No entry for pushcarts

No entry for pedestrians

No entry for vehicles over maximum gross weight shown

No entry for buses

No entry for delivery vehicles

No entry for vehicles carrying dangerous goods

No entry for vehicles carrying dangerous flammable or explosive loads

No entry for vehicles carrying dangerous, water-polluting goods

No entry for vehicles or combination of vehicles (load included), over the displayed length

No entry for vehicles (load included), over the displayed width

No entry for vehicles (load included), over the displayed height

No turning in the displayed direction


The information on this website according to Article 8(1) of the road safety directive (Directive 2011/82/EU) is provided by the national authorities in the country concerned. In the event of any conflict between the provided data and the rules in effect in a given country, the latter take precedence. The data are meant purely as a documentation tool and the Commission does not assume any liability for their content or their accuracy.