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Public consultations

Driver training and traffic safety education

Consultation period: 22/04/2009 - 31/07/2009

Objectives of the consultation

This consultation deals with a major area of road safety: driver training and traffic safety education. Its objective is to provide a framework to help further define guidelines and recommendations for efficient driver training and traffic safety education in the European Union.

The aim is to concentrate on novice drivers, while also encouraging drivers to continue formal life-long learning after they have passed their test. Young novice drivers are the group most at risk and for whom investment is most worthwhile.

Research in recent decades has demonstrated that one of the main causes of accidents is due to their lack of experience and lack of insight into the risks of driving. Another reason of their high involvement in accidents concerns lifestyle factors which are not directly linked to driving itself but that influence their ability and motivation to perform safely when they drive.

The driver training models that currently exist in the Member States often focus on driving techniques and the use of vehicle. External factors such as goals behind driving objectives, the driving context and personal motives are rarely considered. Yet, these personal and contextual factors play an important role in the road user's behaviour.

The aim of this consultation is therefore to get the views from stakeholders on how to develop such guidelines and their contents. For this purpose, the document attached takes stock of the current situation, and identifies some possible recommendations.

Consultation documents

Consultation paperpdf(242 kB)

Annexpdf(167 kB)

Questionnairepdf(22 kB)

Follow-uppdf(33 kB) Choose translations of the previous link 

Contributions to the consultation

Comments were received from national governments, companies and research institutes, associations and individuals.

Individual commentszip(12 MB)