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Road Transport



Transport Policy

Public consultations 
The Greening Transport Package
has been adopted on 8 July 2008





January 2007
Road Transport Policy: Open roads across Europe

Transport Policy

Commission to improve the situation for truck drivers at the Russian border
With a budget of 3.500.000 Euro, the European Commission is going to support the construction of quality and secure parking areas at three border crossing points between the EU and Russia (Vaalimaa/Finland, Narva/Estonia, Terehova/Latvia).

The Greening Transport Package
The package includes both action to improve price signals to consumers and business and action to stimulate the market to offer alternatives

Internalisation of transport external costs
Commission prepares the ground for efficient and fair pricing of transport services and released a handbook with estimates of external costs in the transport sector.



Access to the market
Admission to the occupation
  Road haulage
General rules
Driver attestation
Hired vehicles
  Passenger transport
General rules
Non-EU countries
Land transport
agreement with Switzerland
EEA Agreement
Interbus agreement
Road charging
Infrastructure charging
Vehicle & fuel taxes
Tolls & user charges
for vehicles
(including Eurovignette)
Social provisions
Driving time &
rest periods
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Working time
Form of attestation of activities

Social provisions

Form of attestation of activities

COMMISSION DECISION of 12 April 2007 on a form concerning social legislation relating to road transport activities (OJ L99 of 14.4.2007, p. 14) establishes the form referred to in Article 11(3) of Directive 2006/22/EC.

Member States are not obliged to require the use of this form, but if a Member State requires a form to be used for the cases foreseen in it, this form will be recognised valid for such purposes.

All the fields in this form must be filled in and it must be signed both by the company representative and by the driver in order to be valid. For self-employed drivers, the driver signs once as the company and once as the driver.

The text of the form may not be modified.

Only the signed original is valid.

The electronic and printable version of this form is available below. It may be printed on paper containing the company logo and contact details, but the fields containing the company information must also be filled in.



The use of the form of attestation of activities established by the Commission decision 230/2007/EC is only obligatory in those Member States which require it. However, enforcement authorities in all EU Member States must respect this form (in any Community language) if a driver presents it to attest one of the three activities.

The table gives and overview of Member States, where the form has been made mandatory and those where the use of it is optional.

last update: 15-12-2008