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Road Transport



Transport Policy

Public consultations 
The Greening Transport Package
has been adopted on 8 July 2008





January 2007
Road Transport Policy: Open roads across Europe

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International Organisation and Institutions

State authorities, research institutes and other sources for road safety


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International Organisation and Institutions


International Transport Forum


European Transport Safety Council


Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development


United Nations Economic Commission for Europe


International Road Transport Union


European Automobile Manufacturers Association


International Road Safety (La Prévention Routière Internationale)


Permanent International Association of Roads Congresses


Fédération Européenne des Victimes de la Route


Association des Familles des Victimes de la Route


International Touring Alliance/International Automobile Federation


Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile


International Road Federation


Institute of Road Traffic Education


European Cyclists Federation


European Commission,  DG-TREN


European Traffic Police Network


eSafety Support



State authorities, research institutes and other sources for road safety

Go to top Belgium

Belgian traffic legislation
Belgian Institute for Road Safety
Federal Police
Association of roadworthiness inspections and driving licences companies
Federal Government agency for mobility and transport
Traffic regulation
Belgian road research center
National statistics office

Go to top Czech Republik

Czech statistical office
Ministry of interior

Go to top Denmark

Ministry of transport
Danish road safety and transport agency
Danish transport research institute
National statistics office
”Legal Information” - the official on-line legal information system of the Danish Government
The Danish Road Directorate
The Danish Road Directorate
The Danish Police
The Danish court system
Danish Emergency Management Agency
The Danish Working Environment Service
The Danish insurance academy
Denmark 's official website

Go to top Germany

Department of Transport
Official Journal of the Department of Transport
Ministry of the Interior
Competencies of the authorities
German rules online
Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen (where a special department for road safety is included)
Ministry of Transport, Building and Housing (Bundesminiisterium für Verkehr, Bau- und Wohnungswesen)
German Council for Traffic Safety (Deutscher Verkehrssicherheitsrat e. V.)
Federal Office for Transportation of Goods (Bundesamt für Güterverkehr)
Federal Office for Motorvehicles (Kraftfahrbundesamt)
Links to the Ministries
German police
Road Construction in Bundesland Niedersachsen
National statistics office

Go to top Estonia

Statistical office of Estonia
Ministry of Internal Affairs
Estonian police
Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications
Estonian Road Administration

Go to top Greece

Ministry of Transport & Communications
Ministry for the Environment, Physical Planning & Public Works (road network & transport)
Ministry of Justice (road violations sanctions & procedures)
Ministry of Labour (professional transport)
National law Advisory to the State
National Publications Agency (Legislation & general law data banks)
Lawyers’ Association (Legislation & general law data banks)
Publications’ house and law data banks administrators (Legislation & general law data banks)
National statistics office
Greek police

Go to top Spain

General Directorate for road traffic
Ministry of Internal Affairs
Ministry of Transports and Public Works
Spanish legislation
Spanish National Association of Lawyers Specialised in Insurance and Civil Liability
Ministry of Science, Technology and Industry
Spanish road research center
National statistics office
Guardia Civil

Go to top France

La Gendarmerie
Ministry of Interior
Direction of roads at the French Ministry of Transport
Road directorate
Road safety
National road safety council
Law information (French government service)
Road research center
National road safety research center
National statistics office
National Transport Council

Go to top Ireland

Department of Environment and Local Regions (DOELR)
Department of Transport  (DOT)
National Safety Council
Garda – National Police Force
Irelands Penalty Points System web site
National roads authority
National statistics office

Go to top Italy

Ministry of Interior
Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport.
Italian Automobile Club
National Road Police
ANIA. Italian Association of Insurance Companies
Italian web site on road safety
National statistics office

Go to top Cyprus

Department of Statistics and Research
Cypriot Police

Go to top Latvia

Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia
Ministry of Interior
State police

Go to top Lithuania

Statistics Lithuania
Ministry of interior
Lithuanian Police

Go to top Luxembourg

Luxembourg government
Ministry of transport
Luxembourg police
Central service of legislation
National statistics office

Go to top Hungary

Hungarian central statistical office
Ministry of interior
National police

Go to top Malta

National Statistics Office
Government of Malta
Ministry of justice and home affairs

Go to top The Netherlands

Institute for road safety research
Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management
Transport and water management inspection
Dutch transport safety board
Co-operation of road safety organisations
National statistics office
Nederlandse politie
Marechaussee Nederland

Go to top Austria

Office of road safety
Austrian rules online
Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (Bundesministerium für Verkehr, Innovation und Technologie)
Traffic Police online
Ministry of Internal Affairs (traffic enforcement data) (Bundesministerium für Inneres)
Automobile Club (Österreichischer Automobil und Touring Club)
Automobile Club
Association of Austrian Hauliers
National statistics office

Go to top Poland

Central Statistical Office
Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration

Go to top Portugal

Direcção-Geral de Viação
Direcção-Geral de Transportes Terrestres
Instituto de Seguros de Portugal
Prevenção Rodoviária Portuguesa
Portugese road directorate
National Laboratory of Civil Engineering
National statistics office

Go to top Slovenia

Statistical office of the republic of Slovenia
Ministry of Interior
National police

Go to top Slovakia

Statistical office of the Slovak republic
Ministry of interior

Go to top Finland

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Finnish Road Administration
Finland Statistics - traffic and transport
AKE - The Finnish Vehicle Administration
Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Interior
The Finnish Police
The Finnish Motor Insurers' Centre
VTT - Technical Research Centre of Finland
National statistics office
Liikenneturva - The Central Organization for Traffic Safety
University of Helsinki - Traffic Research Unit
Helsinki University of Technology - Laboratory of Automotive Engineering
Helsinki University of Technology - Laboratory of Transportation Engineering
Automobile and Touring Club of Finland
Finnish Driving Schools Association
SKAL - Finnish Transport and Logistics
The Finnish Road Enterprise
LINTU - Long-term research and development programme for road safety
R&D programme on real-time transport information 2004-2007

Go to top Sweden

National Society for Road Safety
Road and Transport Research Institute
The Swedish Parliament
The Swedish Government
Ministry of Industry, Employment and Communications
The Police
The Swedish National Road Administration
Swedish laws and regulations
The Swedish Rescue Services Agency
The Swedish Motor Vehicle Inspection
The Swedish Road Traffic Inspectorate
The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency
Swedish Institute For Transport and Communications Analysis
National statistics office

Go to top United Kingdom

Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety
Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents
Scotland´s road safety organisation
Department of Transport
Department for Transport (DfT) – Roads, vehicles and road safety
Government’s THINK! Road Safety Scheme
DfT’s Transport Statistics
Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA)
Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) including Vehicle Inspectorate and Traffic Area Network
Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA)
Driving Standards Agency (DSA)
Highway agency
Transport research laboratory
Center for transport studies
UK police service
Police service of Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland statistics & research agency
Central statistics & research branch
National statistics office
National Safety Camera Liaison



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