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Road Transport



Transport Policy

Public consultations 
The Greening Transport Package
has been adopted on 8 July 2008





January 2007
Road Transport Policy: Open roads across Europe

Public Consultations

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| Preparation of the Action Plan on Intelligent Transport Systems for Road Transport (closing date: 31/03/2008)
| Revision of the community legislation on the access to the road transport market and on the admission to the occupation of road transport operator (closed)
| Rights of passengers in international bus and coach transport (closed)

Public consultation on the "Revision of the community legislation on the access to the road transport market and on the admission to the occupation of road transport operator"


The Community rules governing the access to road transport market and the admission to the occupation of road transport operators are laid down in various regulations and directives.

Based on the Commission’s commitment to “Better regulation” and to simplify the existing body of laws (“acquis”) DG TREN is considering whether and how to improve the current regime in order to enhance the clarity, readability and enforceability of these rules and better regulate certain aspects of the current regime by merging the current regulations and directives as far as possible and reformulating certain provisions (e.g. on community licence, cabotage).

The purpose of the CONSULTATION PAPER   is to outline these plans and to seek the opinion of the interested parties. Based on the feedback received in this initial consultation DG TREN will decide whether and how to proceed.

The contributions received will be published by the Commission, unless requested otherwise by their author.

Comments should reach the Commission’s services no later than the 9 August 2006 at the following address:

European Commission
Directorate-General for Energy and Transport
Unit “Land Transport Policy”
Rue Demot, 28
B-1049 Brussels

and/or to the electronic address:   TREN ROAD TRANSPORT

Report of the minutes of the public hearing of stakeholders

European organisations - National administrations - National associations of road operators, users or enforcement authorities - Regions, companies and self-employed

European organisations
CEA - Comité européen des assurances
CLECAT - European association for forwarding, transport, logistic and customs services
CORTE - Confederation of organisations in road transport enforcement
ECR - Euro Contrôle Route
ETF - European transport workers' federation
FEDEMAC - Federation of European movers associations
IRU - International road transport union
OTRE - Organisation des transporteurs routiers européens centre routier
UITP - International association of public transport
National administrations
BE - Service public fédéral de la mobilité et des transports
DE - Federal Ministry of Transport, building and urban affairs
DK - Ministry of transport and energy
EE - Ministry of economics and communications of the Republic of Estonia
ES - Ministerio de Fomento - Direccion general de transportes
FI - Ministry of transport and communications
FR - Ministère des Transports, de l'équipement, du tourisme et de la mer
IT - Ministry of Transport
LU - Ministère du Transport
MT - Permanent Representation of Malta to the European Union
NL - Ministry of transport, public works and water management
NO - Ministry of transport and communications Norway (department of transport)
PL - Rzeczpospolita Polska - Ministerstwo transportu
SE - Ministry of industry, employment and communications
SK - Ministry of Transport
UK - Department of Transport
National associations of road operators, users or enforcement authorities
AFTRI - Association française du Transport Routier International
ANAV - Associazione nazionale autotrasporto viaggiatori
ANITA - Associazione nazionale imprese trasporti automobilistici
ASTIC/FENEBUS - Asociación del transporte internacional por carretera
ATRH - Hungarian road transport association
AUTF - Association des utilisateurs de transport de fret
BDO - Bundesverband deutscher Omnibusunternehmer
BGL - Bundesverband Güterkraftverkehr, Logistik und Entsorgung
CETM - Confederación española de transporte de mercancías
CONFETRA - Confederazione generale italiana dei trasporti e della logistica
CPT - Confederation of passenger transport
DBCOA - Danish Bus and Coach Owners' Association
EVO - Dutch organisation for transport for own account
FBAA - Federation of the Belgian bus and coach operators
FEBETRA - Fédération royale belge des transporteurs et des prestataires de services logistiques
FENADISMER - Federacion nacional de asociaciones de tranportistatas de España
FNTR - Fédération nationale des transports routiers
FNTR LOIRE - Fédération nationale des transports routiers Région Loire
FNTV - Fédération nationale des transports de voyageurs
FTA - Freight transport association
GDV - Gesamtverband der Deutschen Versicherungswirtschaft
HTSI - Danish Chamber of Commerce - International transport Danmark
IRHA - Irish road haulage associations
KNV - Koninklijk nederlands vervoer
LINJA-AUTOLIITO - Finnish bus and coach associations
RHA - The road haulage association
SAV- Koninklijke Beroepsvereniging Goederenvervoerders Vlaams Gewest en Brusselse Hoofdstedelijk Gewest
SKAL- Finnish transport and logistics
TLF - Fédération des entreprises de transport et logistique de France
TLN - Transport en logistiek Nederland
UPTR- Union Professionnelle du Transport par Route
UTP - Union des transports publics
VDV - Verband deutscher Verkehrsunternehmen
WKO - Wirtschaftskammer Österreich
ZMPD - Association of the international road transport carriers in Poland
Regions, companies and self-employed
Deutsche Bahn AG
Deutsche Post World Net
Eurolines Organisation
MOT - Mission opérationnelle transfrontalière



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