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The Greening Transport Package
has been adopted on 8 July 2008





January 2007
Road Transport Policy: Open roads across Europe

Workshop on the "Internalisation of external costs in transport" on 15 March 2007


The European Commission is currently working on a model for the assessment of external costs for transport and on analysis of their internalisation (no later than 10 June 2008, the EU Commission shall present a model for the assessment of all external cost and an impact analysis of the internalisation of external costs for all modes of transport (see Article 1, Nr. 9 of Directive 2006/38/EC, OJ L 157/16 of 9 June 2006, replacing Article 11 of Directive 1999/62/CE, OJ L 187/46 of 20 July 1999).

Before deciding on the proposals, a careful assessment of the expected economic, social and environmental impact of any internalisation measures will have to be carried out. The European Commission has therefore contracted a group of experts from CE Delft, Infras Zürich, Fraunhofer-ISI München, University of Gdansk, IWW University Karlsruhe to develop on the basis of the various methodological approaches a narrow range of possible scenarios that shall than be modelled for assessing the impacts.

A workshop with stakeholders from governments, research, interest representation groups and non-governmental organisations at European level will be held to discuss progress of work before the modelling work starts.

The workshop will take place in Brussels on 15 March 2007. For further information on the agenda, venue and registration you are kindly invited to consult the web-page of the organisers

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