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Disclaimer: These studies have been carried out at the request of the European Commission. The content of these studies and the views expressed remain the responsibility of the contractants. The studies in italics have not been requested by the Commission, though they are considered to be of interest for the rail sector. 



Title of the Study



Nov. 2006 31 Guidelines for sustainable partnerships in railway maintenance. Multi-annual contracts for railway maintenance financing Ecorys Report  (, 3,5  MB)
Sept. 2006 30 Insurance of railway undertakings COWI Report  (, 612 KB)

Annex: Country reports  ( 439 KB).

March 2006 29 Railimplement: The implementation of the EU Directives 2001/12, 2001/13 and 2001/14 in the Member States Steer Davies & Gleave Report  (, 2.5 MB)

Annex  ( 162 KB)

Country Reports (Zipped file: 5.3 MB).

Feb. 2006 28 Analysis of the Financial Situation of Railway Undertakings in the European Union: Please note the disclaimer above. Ecorys Report (, 913 KB)

Appendix 2  ( 21 KB)

Appendix 3  ( 350 KB)

June 2005 27

A study on the compliance of rail border traffic agreements with EU rail and competition legislation.

Buchanan and Partners, UK

Report (, 1.2 MB)

Annex A: Remit (, 27 KB)

Annex B: Table of Frontier Posts (, 171 KB)

Annex C: Table of State Memberships of International Conventions (, 23 KB)

Annex D: Table of Trade Body Memberships (, 193 KB)

Annex E: Table of Agreements between States and between Railways (, 649 KB)

Annex F: Respondents (, 46 KB)

Annex G: UIC Leaflets (, 1 MB)

Annex H: Glosseray of terms (, 75 KB)

Dec. 2004 26

A Quality Monitoring and Enhancement Strategy 

In the railway sector for  

Privately Owned Wagon Movements, Abstract of

the Final Report.

UIP - Giventis Abstract (, 326 KB)
June 2004 25

Rail Test: Inventory of railway test installations in Europe and detection of synergies between them. Their implication in the certification process.

Rail Test Consortium Report and annexes (zipped file, 1.5 MB)
June 2005 24 Safety Certification Study: Acceptance Criteria & Assessment Methodologies for Safety Certificates Delivered in Accordance with  Directive 2001/14/EC, Article 32 IVE - Germany Main report (, 768 KB);

Country reports (, 496 KB in zipped file);

Annexes (, 486 KB in zipped file);

May 2004 23 Study on Infrastructure Capacity Reserves for Combined Transport by 2015. A study carried out for the International Union of Railways, Combined Transport Group (UIC-GTC). Kessel & Partners, Kombi Consult, MVA Summary (, 572 KB);

Report (, 3,5 MB, zipped)

May 2004


Rail Liberalisation Index 2004, Comparison of the Status of Market Opening in the Rail Markets of the 25 Member States of the European Union, Switzerland and Norway

IBM Consulting, at the request of DB

Summary (, 131KB);

Full Report  (, 538KB); Annex (, 618 KB, zipped);

Zusammenfassung (,142KB),

Bericht (, 602KB),

Anhang (, 524 KB)

Jan 2004 21 Status and options for the reduction of noise emission from the existing European Rail Freight wagon fleet

Including a third party assessment of the UIC/UIP/CER Action Program Noise Reduction in Freight Traffic

AEA Technology BV, Utrecht, The Netherlands Report:,   843 KB);

Jan. 2004


EU Passenger Rail Liberalisation: An extended impact assessment (English).

Steer, Davies & Gleave

Report:,   2,5 MB);

Summary: ,  187 KB;

Appendix A:, 1,9 MB

Appendix B:, 7,6 MB;

Appendix C:, 122 KB;

Appendix D:, 53 KB;

Appendix E:, 213 KB;

Appendix F:, 279 KB.

Jan. 2004


Study of the financing of and public budget contributions to railways (English).

NERA, London, UK Report (,   640 KB), Appendices (,   1,3MB, zipped)


18 Transport Infrastructure Costs and Investments between 1996 and 2010 on the Trans-European Transport Network and its Connection to Neighbouring Regions, including an Inventory of the Technical Status of the Transport-European Transport Network for the Year 2000 Planco, Essen TEN-Studies (, 7.7 MB) pages.

July 2003

17 Weighted frequencies of the replies given on the questions on attitudes and opinions on International Rail Passenger Transport, Special Eurobarometer Survey 59.2. European Commission Report ( , 67 KB)

June 2003


Étude sur les systèmes de pénalités dans le domaine ferroviaire/Study on penalty systems in the railway industry.

Landwell & Associates and Altyor Report ( , 763 KB)  

Rapport (, , 1,5 MB)

Aug. 2003

15 Best of Benchmarking: BOB Railway Case. Benchmarking Passenger Transport in Railways NEA, Netherlands Report ( , 761 KB)  

May 2003

14 Study on Vehicle Identification and Registration Buchanan and Partners Report (, 881 KB), Annex  (, 493 KB)

Feb. 2003

13 Air Rail Intermodality Study: a study carried out to collect information from representatives of all the stakeholders about their views on the development and the promotion of European High-Speed Rail Services. The study is focussed on passenger markets where high-speed rail and air compete between European cities and airports.  IATA's Air Transport Consultancy Services, London, UK Report (, 3,3 MB)

Jan 2003

12 Passenger Traffic Study 2010/2020 (The full report can be purchased from the UIC) UIC - Intraplan - IMTRANS - CEC Summary: ,  292 KB

Sommaire: ,  289 KB

Zusammenfassung: ,  292 KB

Dec. 2002

11 Training and Staff requirements for railway staff in cross-border operations Atkins, Denmark

Report  (, 1 MB), Annex I (Cross-border case studies: , 2,1 MB);

Annex II (Country inventories: , 8,8 MB).

Dec. 2002


Rail Liberalisation Index 2002, Comparison of the Status of Market Opening in the Rail Markets of the 15 Member States of the European Union, Switzerland and Norway

IBM Consulting, at the request of DB Summary (, , 195KB) , Full Report  (, , 659KB), Zusammenfassung (, , 956KB), Bericht (, , 573KB).

Oct. 2002


Study of the Implementation of Directive 96/48/EC on the Interoperability of the Trans-European High-Speed Railway System

and Progress made towards Railway Interoperability

Graband & Partners and others Report (, 2,1 MB)

Feb. 2002

8 A Study of European Priorities and Strategies for Railway Noise Abatement Ødegaard, Danneskiold-Samsøe (ODS) A/S, Denmark Report (, 1 MB); Annex I (legislation: , 1 MB); Annex II (Cases: , 3 MB). 

Feb. 2002

7 Developing EU (International Rail Passenger Transport: Assessment of the actual and potential market for international rail passenger services OGM, Brussels, Belgium Report and Annexes

Nov. 2001

6 Proposal to the European Commission for the Development of the Conceptual and Organisational Aspects of a Community Rail Market Monitoring Scheme (RMMS Giventis, Netherlands

Report (, , 335 KB).

July 2001

5 Access to the rail network in some European countries VTI, Sweden Report (, 366 KB)

July 2001

4 A Study of Single Wagonload Rail Traffic: A study carried out to assess how the wagonload network functions at present and to identify the areas in which action would be desirable at an EU level and how this can be taken forward. This study analyses the needs of rail freight customers (and whether they are me); the organisation and the operation of the of the wagonload business and the wagonload leasing market, notably in relation to EU-competition rules. It also considers whether there might be concerns with the current organisation with respect to the EU-Treaty, areas of inefficiency and potential improvements and the implications for non-Member States.  Symonds Group, Ltd. Report (, 3MB); Annexes (, 2,5 MB)

Feb. 2001

3 Report of the 'Strateco' study on the exchange of operational data of border-crossing freight trains Strateco

Report (, 6,5 MB); Summary (, 188 KB); 

Annex (, 595 KB);

  English Abstact (, 6 KB); 

Resumé français (, 7 KB).

Feb. 2000

2 Safety Regulations and Standards for European Railways NERA and others, London, UK Summary (, ,  74 KB), Report: , , volume 1 (773KB); volume 2 (168 KB); volume 3 (89KB); volume 4 (957KB); volume 5 (233KB).

Oct. 1999


Improvement of Competitiveness of Rail Transport in the CEECs

Appendix 1: Adaptability and Efficiency Analysis; Appendix 2: Demand Forecasting report; Appendix 3: Focus Groups report; Appendix 4: Legal Reports by Country; Appendix 5: Operational Reports by Country; Appendix 6: Technical Report; Appendix 7: Socio-Economic Report.

Halcrow, UK

Summary (, , 137 KB).

Report (, , 1.1 MB).

Appendix 1 (, , 384 KB).

Appendix 2 (, , 973 KB, zipped).  

Appendix 3 (, , 497 KB, zipped).

Appendix 4 (, , 1.1 MB, zipped).

Appendix 5 (, , 1.7 MB, zipped).

Appendix 6 (, , 470 KB, zipped).

Appendix 7 (, , 807 KB, zipped).


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