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The Greening Transport Package
has been adopted on 8 July 2008


Measures to support freight transport
18 October 2007


Public consultations

|Progress in developing an integrated safe and interoperable European Railway area (deadline 30/09/2008)
|Measures for a 'rail network giving priority to freight' (deadline 05/08/2008)
|ERTMS: the European Deployment Plan (deadline 28/02/2008)
|Multiannual contracts for rail infrastructure quality (deadline 12/09/2007)

|Rail noise abatement measures addressing the existing fleet

(deadline 31/07/2007)

Consultation on ERTMS: the European Deployment Plan

The following working document (with maps in 3 separate annexes) presents an overview of contributions to the public consultation on a European Deployment Plan for ERTMS that was launched in November 2007 and had a deadline of 28 February 2008. The document also includes information regarding the intended next steps of the Commission's services in finalising the Plan.

Overview of contributions to the public consultation
Annex - ERTMS Deployment 2012 or before
Annex - ERTMS Deployment 2015 or before
Annex - ERTMS Deployment 2020 or before

Commission Decision 2006/679/EC lays down that each Member State is to draw up a national plan for implementing ERTMS and that, based on those plans, the Commission is to draw up a European master plan. To take account of recent developments, the Commission has decided to consult both the Member States and the industry in order to determine an economically viable strategy which enables the competitiveness of the rail industry to be strengthened and is consistent with the objectives of the rail interoperability Directives.

 Consultation document  (Acrobat version Consultation document  )

The Commission invites Member States, operators, the rail industry and all interested parties to comment on the different options outlined in the document and to submit their comments by 28 February 2008  (TREN-CONSULTATION-ERTMS).

For further information please contact Mr Christian Faure


last update: 15-12-2008