Your passenger rights
when travelling by train

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Assistance in case of delay/cancellation

Assistance in case of delay/cancellation

In case of a delay or cancellation, you must be informed of the situation and of the estimated departure time and estimated arrival time as soon as such information is available. In the case of any delay
of more than 60 minutes, you shall be offered,
free of charge:

  • meals and refreshments, if they can reasonably
    be supplied;
  • if need be, hotel or other accommodation and transportation between the station and place
    of accommodation and back;
  • if the train is blocked on the track, transport from the train to the railway station or to the final destination
    of the service, where and when physically possible.

If the railway service cannot be continued any more, rail companies must organise alternative transport services for you as soon as possible.

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What should you do if you believe your passenger rights have been infringed?

If you consider that your entitlements under rail passenger rights have been breached:

  • You should first contact the railway company or the station manager.
  • If you are not satisfied with their response, you can lodge a complaint with a National Enforcement Body (NEB).

NOTE: Complaints should in principle be made in the country where the incident took place.