Issue n° 176 - 06 June 2014

Mobility and transport

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safer and greener lorries

Road transport: Council backs safer and greener lorries

Transport ministers, meeting yesterday in Luxembourg, backed proposals for new EU rules to allow manufacturers to develop more aerodynamic lorries which will reduce fuel consumption by 7-10%, cut greenhouse gas emissions and enhance the safety of vulnerable road users such as cyclists

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Commissioner's corner

World shipping: regulating effectively together to promote open trade- Speech at Posidonia 2014 opening ceremony

"One of my driving principles in transport policy has been to remove barriers. Europe has always been economically strong and successful when it does this. That means physical barriers, of course, but also other more hidden barriers - barriers to efficiency, fairness and transparency."

Siim Kallas

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Figure of the month

8 billion

is the share of electrified railway lines over total lines in use in the EU in 2012.

From EU Transport Scoreboard


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We were asked about...

Question asked by Sergio Paolo Francesco Silvestris (PPE)

Subject: Intermodal mobility - a pilot project

Strategies are being drawn up to promote sustainable urban mobility, an aim which is likewise finding expression in a pilot project developed by an Italian environmental service company.

The project is designed to create a comprehensive intermodal mobility management system, allowing information to be supplied to users by a quick-access computerised service. The emphasis is placed firmly on public transport, producing a clear impact in terms of environmental protection. (...)

  1. Does the Commission think that the above strategy might lend itself to other European contexts?
  2. Does it know whether similar projects are being implemented in other European countries? 

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Transport and You

Call for tender: Study on the implementation of labour supplying responsibilities pursuant to the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) 2006 (within and outside the European Union)

Deadline: 25/09/2014

Invitation to Tender: Operation of scheduled air services in accordance with public service obligations

Deadline: 16/07/2014

 Call for tender: Study on good practices for reducing road safety risks caused by road user distractions

Deadline: 23/06/2014

Call for tender: User-friendly access to information about last-mile infrastructure for rail freight

Deadline: 16/06/2014

Call for tender: Measuring and upgrading the clearance gauges of railway lines

Deadline: 16/06/2014

Call for tender: Design features for support programmes for investments in last-mile infrastructure

Deadline: 16/06/2014

Stakeholder consultation: Promoting the development of harmonised carbon footprinting measures for both freight and passenger transport services in Europe

Deadline: 13/06/2014

Information notice of 29/05/2014 - PSO - Air Transport - Spain and Greece - Call for tenders

Information notice of 3/06/2014 - PSO -Air Transport - Helsinki–Savonlinna - Finland - Call for tenders

Stakeholder consultation on a policy initiative on aviation safety and a possible revision of Regulation (EC) No 216/2008 and establishing a European Aviation Safety Agency

Deadline: 15/08/2014

Consultation on Combined transport

Deadline: 15/08/2014

Call for tender: Study on the state of the art of electronic tolling

Deadline: 15/08/2014

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