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Question for written answer to the Commission

Answer given by Mr Kallas on behalf of the Commission


1. The study by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), to which the Honourable Member refers, is well known to both the Commission and EASA. In fact, over the past years EASA has actively participated in several international working groups that have provided results relevant to the FAA on the issues highlighted by the study. EASA has issued several "Safety Information Bulletins" (SIB) on the same subject to make EU stakeholders aware of the issues at stake. For the moment, the Commission believes that the ongoing activities in this area are sufficient from the perspective of aviation safety in Europe and that there is no need for the kind of study referred to by the Honourable Member.

2. Together with Member States and industry experts, EASA is preparing new standards for intial and recurrent pilot training that will take into account the latest knowledge in this area. The concrete drafts for amending the current standards will be elaborated according to the normal procedures. The publication of these drafts is foreseen in the 2014-2015 framework, and the adoption and entry into force of the amendments may take place by late 2015.