Issue n° 164 - 21 February 2014

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Railroad tracks

Major industry commitment to EU rail research initiative

Global leaders in railway technology have confirmed their commitment to the European Commission's recently announced Shift2Rail initiative. On 19 February 2014, major European companies attended a conference in Athens to discuss how they can contribute to the ambitious objectives of Shift2Rail. This €920 million public-private partnership aims to accelerate the market take up of innovative solutions in the rail sector, making passenger and freight rail transport more attractive to users and slashing costs to the benefit of public purses.

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Commissioner's corner

The Sea of Europe: Routing the map for economic growth

"While all transport sectors have their specific issues to address, I believe that focusing on quality, innovation and sustainability will make sure that everyone comes out as winners. EU research funding will help that to happen."

Siim Kallas

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Figure of the month

8 billion

Around 8 billion passenger trips are made by rail each year.

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We were asked about...

Question asked by Vladko Todorov Panayotov (ALDE)

(7 January 2014)

Subject: TEN-T projects and cross-border connections cooperation

The building of the two-lane road from the town of Rudozem to the Greek border (approximately 9 km as well) was co-financed by the ISPA pre-accession financial instrument. This road ends at the Greek border and requires a 9 km vertical axis on the Greek side to connect it to the Greek road and motorway network.

What can the Commission do to enable this project, which is small but strategically important in terms of territorial cohesion, to be completed? The EU co-financing on the Bulgarian side has no added value whatsoever if the road from Rudozem to the Greek border is not continued to connect the Bulgarian municipality with its neighbouring municipality in Greece. Can the Commission provide assistance to Greece through the territorial cooperation instruments to construct this project? Are there any other means to enable this road to be constructed?

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