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Question for written answer to the Commission

Answer given by Mr Kallas on behalf of the Commission

(29 January 2014)

1. Following the recent extension of its competence to issues regarding Air Traffic Management (ATM)/Air Navigation Services (ANS) (cf. in particular Articles 8a and 22a  of Regulation (EC) No 216/2008), EASA is in charge of assisting the Commission in the preparation of corresponding implementing measures and has own tasks in the areas of oversight and certification of ATM/ANS, for matters relating to safety and interoperability. Safety and interoperability are in fact so intertwined that the corresponding requirements should be simultaneously developed and adopted. In the context of its recent "SES II+" initiative, the Commission has proposed to change the name of EASA to "European Union Agency for Aviation".

2. By adopting Commission Implementation Regulation (EU) No 409/2013 , the Commission recently set up the governance for the rolling out of the ATM Master Plan, namely the deployment of SESAR. According to this Regulation, a deployement manager shall be established to implement all activities relating to the modernisation of the European ATM system identified in the ATM Master Plan (cf. in particular Article 9 of Commission implementation Regulation (EU) No 409/2013). The Commission will act, at the policy level, to ensure that participation of industry in the process of deploying ATM technologies through the deployment manager respects some basic principles, including transparency, openness to all stakeholders and absence of conflict of interest.