Issue n° 160 - 24 January 2014

Mobility and transport

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TEN-T Project: Upgraded Novara intermodal hub in Italy to be a reality thanks to EU co-financing

The European Union will support with €2 million from the TEN-T Programme a project to expand part of the intermodal terminal in the northern Italian city of Novara. The project also contributes to the realisation of the “Railway axis Lyon/Genova-Basel-Duisburg-Rotterdam/Antwerpen” (TEN-T Priority Project 24).

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Tweet on jobs and working conditions in transport

" By 2020 there will be 3 million #jobs available in #transport. Share your knowledge on job prospects:!Cm43rh "

Siim Kallas

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Figure of the month

820 million

Airline operators in EASA Member States performed 6 million commercial air transport flights in 2013.

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Question asked by Carlo Fidanza (PPE)


Subject: Unfair competition against Italian road hauliers

Over the last few days, all of the road haulage organisations in Italy have been preparing for an extraordinary suspension of their transport services, which will begin on 9 December and could last until 16 December.

In 2008, more than 22 000 heavy goods vehicles were registered in the Italian road haulage sector over the course of one year, whereas today the figure is only 9 500. Three quarters of the 98 000 companies have fewer than four lorries, and Italian road haulage companies face the most expensive and highest taxed petrol in Europe. Added to this, they have to deal with the illegal cabotage practised by hauliers from Eastern Europe, where fuel and labour costs are between 30 and 40 % lower.

Although, on the one hand, the issue of fuel costs is the responsibility of the individual Member States, a more even labour market should be an objective of the single market.
What action will the Commission take with regard to this serious and unacceptable instance of unfair competition?

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11-12 February 2014, Singapore

EU-ASEAN Aviation Summit

31 January 2014 - Tallinn

Horizon 2020 launch conference

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