Issue n° 159 - 17 January 2014

Mobility and transport

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The new smart tachograph will helps improve road safety and will reduce administrative burden

The final text of the new tachograph regulation has been agreed between European Parliament and Council and was voted in the Parliament's Plenary on 14 January 2014.

The new tachograph regulation will increase road safety by reducing the possibility for tampering with the tachograph. Higher standards for workshops entrusted to install and calibrate the tachograph will also help to reduce fraud and manipulation.
This will ensure better compliance with rules on driving times and rest periods. Drivers will thus be better protected, road safety increased and undistorted competition be assured.

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Commissioner' s corner

Speech - Adoption of the Tachograph Regulation

"I congratulate you on the closure of this file, which will be to the benefit of the haulage industry, national administrations and road safety in general. It is a good example that illustrates the smart legislation and reduction of administrative burden objectives that we have set for EU legislation."

Siim Kallas

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Figure of the month

820 million

Airline operators in EASA Member States performed 6 million commercial air transport flights in 2013.

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Question asked by Antigoni Papadopoulou (S&D)

Subject: Severe annoyance from railway noise

What measures are being taken to reduce rail transport noise, which exposes a large proportion of the EU population to levels of ‘severe annoyance’ from noise over and above the maximum permissible limits?

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11-12 February 2014, Singapore

EU-ASEAN Aviation Summit

31 January 2014 - Tallinn

Horizon 2020 launch conference

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