Issue n° 156 - 06 December 2013

Mobility and transport

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air ban

Commission updates the European safety list of banned airlines

The European Commission has updated for the 22nd time the European list of airlines subject to an operating ban or operational restrictions within the European Union, better known as "the EU air safety list".

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Commissioner' s corner

Speech - Using transport to make the most of Europe’s cities

Transport is "part and parcel" of the urban environment. It’s why we have designed European transport policy to play a key part in the longer-term thinking for our cities, so they will stay clean, smart, sustainable and attractive.

Siim Kallas

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Figure of the month

820 million

Over 820 million passengers used EU airports in 2011, this is roughly one third of all passengers worldwide.

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We were asked about...

Asian airlines on the European "blacklist"

How can the Commission explain the fact that aircraft serviced and maintained by European airlines are "blacklisted"?

Are the stringent European safety standards not met in these cases?

Furthermore, a large Philippine air carrier named in the "blacklist" last year placed an order with Airbus for 54 aeroplanes.

Does this not lead to the conclusion that Airbus aeroplanes also have safety deficiencies?

How does the Commission view the sale of European aeroplanes to an air carrier that allegedly fails to meet international safety requirements?

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