Issue n° 151 - 25 October 2013

Mobility and transport

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European Commission - Directorate General for Mobility and Transport



Accounting for at least 10% of Europe’s GDP, the logistics sector is a key driver for the European economy.

  • What are today’s and tomorrow’s challenges for the logistics sector?
  • How can the European Commission help in establishing the right framework conditions to support logistics companies in facing these challenges and to enable them to further prosper?
  • How can we safeguard the EU's competitive position in the global market?

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Commissioner's corner

Speech - Building a competitive future for Europe’s ports

‘To generate trade, and thereby prosperity and employment, we need smooth joined-up networks and proper connections. And to do that, as we progress in building a single European transport area, the business environment has to be fair, open and competitive.’

Siim Kallas

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Figure of the month

1.7 million

The number of people employed in aviation

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We were asked about...

Building more cycle paths in the EU:

What further development plans does the Commission have with the aim of expanding the Member States’ and international cycle path networks?

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