Issue n° 150 - 18 October 2013

Mobility and transport

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Transport: New EU infrastructure policy

In the most radical overhaul of EU infrastructure policy since its inception in the 1980s, the Commission has published new maps showing the nine major corridors which will act as a backbone for transportation in Europe's single market and revolutionise East–West connections. To match this level of ambition, EU financing for transport infrastructure will triple for the period 2014–2020 to €26 billion.

Europe and Member States new TEN-T corridors maps    Read the full article

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Commissioner's corner

Speech - A new era for European transport: filling the gaps, joining East and West

‘A great deal of progress has been made in the last 20 years to improve travel links between the centre of Europe and countries on the geographical edge - like Estonia. But we are now in the 21st century, and there still is a long way to go.’

Siim Kallas

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Figure of the month

1.7 million

The number of people employed in aviation

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We were asked about...

For some time now, experts in central and eastern Europe's transport market have been pointing out the need to rapidly develop transport links between the North and the South of the region. Increasing capacity would make it possible to strengthen trade links and open up the economies of Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic as new export markets. It would also improve the situation on the labour market in Polish cities with cargo ports, such as Szczecin, Gdynia and Gdańsk.

1. Has the Commission already decided which North‐South Transport Corridor route wouldbe most effective and economically beneficial for Europe?

2. What funds — drawn from what programmes — does the Commission intend to earmark inthe coming years for the execution of transport programmes to link northern and southernCentral Europe

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