Issue n° 148 - 04 October 2013

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Aviation safety: European Parliament to vote on stricter rules on aircrew fatigue

On Wednesday 9 October, the European Parliament will vote on the Commission's proposal for stricter rules on flight and duty time limitations for aircrews. A plenary debate is scheduled for Tuesday evening. The purpose of the new legislation to modernise the high European standards on aviation safety is to improve the current regulations known as "flight time limitations" (FTL) taking into account the latest scientific and technical evidence.

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Pilot and crew fatigue — frequently asked questions

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Speech - Connecting Europe: the next stage

‘Freedom of movement is a cornerstone of European liberty and a massive achievement. It changes and opens minds. But it's also something that we tend to take for granted. We need transport to guarantee this freedom.’

Siim Kallas

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1.7 million

The number of people employed in aviation

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On flight time limitation, why does the Commission stick to a night flight limit of 11 hours, whilst scientific research established 10 hours to be the safe limit?

Can the Commission confirm that the total period of airport standby followed by a flight duty will not exceed 18 hours, to ensure that crews do not have to land an aircraft after 20 or 22 hours on duty?

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