Issue n° 147 - 27 September 2013

Mobility and transport

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Vice-President Kallas opens crucial aviation talks in Montreal

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Assembly is addressing challenges in aviation safety, security, air navigation, fair competition and market access, and of course the environment (aviation emissions).

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The EU at the ICAO Assembly — Frequently asked questions


Vice-President Siim Kallas' opening remarks


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Commissioner's corner

Speech - Making the best and fairest use of Europe’s roads

‘This is a long-term vision for creating a single European road haulage market with no restrictions, and no arbitrary distinctions between countries.’

Siim Kallas

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Figure of the month

950 billion euro

In 2011 private households in the EU-27 spent € 950 billion or roughly 13% of their total consumption on transport related items.

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We were asked about...

Would it be interesting to draw up certain minimum standards for urban mobility, taking account of the fact that the Member States would be at liberty to work out further details?

Does the European Commission see any other ways in which sustainable urban mobility could be promoted in Europe?

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