Issue n° 146 - 20 September 2013

Mobility and transport

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NAIADES II: Making better use of Europe's waterways
(Press release)

The European Commission has adopted on 10 September 2013 the NAIADES II package "Towards quality inland waterway transport".

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NAIADES II: Towards quality waterway transport


Rebuttal: No EU plans to bring forward proposals for mandatory speed limiters

Recent reports in the press have suggested that the EU intends to bring forward “formal proposals this autumn” to introduce automatic speed controls -known as “Intelligent Speed Adaptation” or ISA, into cars. This is quite simply not true and the Commission had made this very clear to the journalists concerned prior to publication.

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Commissioner's corner

Speech - The Single European Sky: time to make the vision a reality

‘We have the tools at hand to turn the Single Sky into a success, a reality at last. Achieving and completing the project is vital for the competitiveness, cost-effectiveness, growth and sustainability of Europe's entire air transport system. We can still do this’

Siim Kallas

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Figure of the month

950 billion euro

In 2011 private households in the EU-27 spent € 950 billion or roughly 13% of their total consumption on transport related items.

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We were asked about...

How does the Commission see the way forward for the NAIADES II programme for inland waterways with a smaller budget? What is the minimum budget necessary for proper implementation?

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