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Commission welcomes agreement on Connecting Europe Facility


The Commission, the Council and the Parliament have reached an agreement on the Connecting Europe Facility, a key proposal for achieving the objectives of the Europe 2020 Strategy and the most innovative element of the next multiannual financial framework.

This Facility will help to build the railways, inland waterways, ports, electricity grids and gas pipelines. It will also contribute to the Digital Single Market that is so important to our citizens and businesses.

Transport funding allocated under the Connecting Europe Facility of the MFF (Multi-Annual Financial Framework) will effectively act as "seed capital" to stimulate further investment by Member States to complete difficult cross-border connections and links which might not otherwise get built.


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Vice-President Kallas launches new passenger rights information campaign

train late

For the first time, millions of holiday-makers travelling in the EU this summer will be protected by comprehensive passenger rights – whether travelling by air or rail, and now also by ship, bus and coach.

But research shows that two-thirds of passengers are not aware of their rights. For this reason, the Commission is launching a new campaign to inform the many people gearing up to travel this summer about their passenger rights, and how to claim them if needed.


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Maritime transport: Commission proposes monitoring of international shipping emissions

ship in harbour

The European Commission has taken the first step towards cutting greenhouse gas emissions from the shipping industry. It proposed legislation which will require owners of large ships using EU ports to monitor and report the ships' annual carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

The Commission also published a Communication setting out its strategy to address and reduce these emissions, preferably through measures at global level.


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Croatia accession poster

Croatia's accession – application of the EU road transport acquis

On 1 July 2013, Croatia will be joining the European Union as its 28th Member State.

This means that the EU acquis, including the road transport-related acquis, will apply in full from day one (1 July 2013), covering all transport operations carried out by Community-registered operators and vehicles to/from Croatia from/to the EU, and within their territories, with the exception of the transitional measure agreed between the EU and Croatia on road haulage cabotage.


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Vice-President Kallas

Making the most of alternative energy to drive transport forward

Speech given by Commission Vice-President Siim Kallas, 25 June 2013, at the Sustainable Energy Week in Brussels

"We all know that the world’s energy landscape and balance are changing quickly. Compared with many other countries, Europe is not blessed with abundant natural resources.

We are far from able to produce all the energy we need to cover demand.Judging by the international oil and gas markets, we are not heading towards an age of cheap energy. But we do have a choice.

For example, we could carry on paying other countries to supply us. We already pay about €1 billion a day for oil imports, which causes a deficit in the EU’s trade balance of 2.5% of GDP. Frankly, this bill is massive and unnecessary.

Or - we can invest limited resources in our own sustainable and smart energy."


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