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SPEECH - Making the most of Europe’s ports to drive trade and growth


Unlike other transport sectors, the EU has almost no port legislation: on access to services, financial transparency or charges for using infrastructure. One thing that has become clear over the years is that the “business as usual” scenario will not allow the market to solve these problems. Our proposed policy review focuses on the seaports of the trans-European transport network – 319 ports, which together account for more than 90% of passengers and goods transiting through the EU ports system. It focuses on where the EU can make a difference – it builds on existing policies and respects the diversity of Europe’s ports. And it only tackles specific problem areas that need to be changed.

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The Commission welcomes "historic" agreement on new trans-European transport network

a port

Vice-President Siim Kallas welcomed the agreement between the Commission, the Council and the Parliament on proposals to transform the existing patchwork of European roads, railways, airports and canals into a unified transport network (TEN-T).

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SPEECH - Electric mobility: the clean and competitive way ahead for European transport

Siim Kallas

Full-scale deployment of electric vehicles has been held back by their high retail cost and low acceptance by consumers. Most significantly, there are not enough recharging and refuelling points. While a large part of the infrastructure needed to get these vehicles on the roads – national electricity grids – does exist, the charging points have yet to be developed. On numbers, these vary widely around Europe and are focused on key cities.

To enable market take-up of alternative fuels, to create Europe-wide conditions to boost customer acceptance, we need national targets to build the necessary infrastructure.

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Air transport: Commission urges Belgium and Greece to proceed with ratification of the agreement with the Western Balkans on a Common Aviation Area

plane flying

The Commission is very concerned that 7 years after the signature Belgium and Greece have still failed to ratify the Agreement between the European Union, its Member States and the Western Balkans establishing a European Common Aviation Area (the "ECAA Agreement"). Lack of ratification of the ECAA Agreement by Belgium and Greece affects the crucial opening of markets in aviation with the Western Balkans. If the Belgian and Greek authorities fail to deposit the instrument of ratification of the ECAA Agreement in compliance with the relevant EU provisions within the next two months, the Commission would refer both cases to the EU Court of Justice.

[Press release]

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