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Commission proposes new measures to strengthen air passenger rights

air passengers

The Commission announced a package of measures to ensure that air passengers have new and better rights to information, care and re-routing when they are stranded at the airport. At the same time there will be better complaint procedures and enforcement measures so passengers can actually obtain the rights to which they are entitled.


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Rail transport: Commission seeks to improve access to rail travel for persons with disabilities and passengers with reduced mobility

high speed trains

The Commission is making accessibility an essential requirement for rail infrastructure when newly built, upgraded or renewed. Accessibility can be achieved by preventing or removing barriers and through other measures such as provision of assistance. The rules apply to infrastructure (e.g. obstacle-free routes, ticketing, information desks, toilets, visual and spoken information, platform width and height, and boarding aids) and to rail carriages (e.g. doors, toilets, wheelchair spaces, and information).


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Maritime transport: Commission launches cooperation on "places of refuge" in case of shipping accidents


The Commission launched the "Cooperation Group on Places of Refuge", a forum for Member State authorities dealing with ships in need of assistance. The group met in Brussels on Friday 15 March for the first time, with the participation of more than 20 Member States and EFTA countries, as well as representatives of the Commission and the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA). The group will consider last year's accident involving an explosion and subsequent fire on the container ship 'MSC Flaminia' in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The cooperation group will look into the implementation of current EU legislation and offer clarifications and guidance on existing provisions. If need be, the group will also advise or make recommendations for a revision of the relevant EU directive regarding "places of refuge".


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