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Transport Council – 11 March 2013

Vice-President Siim Kallas

The EU's Council of transport ministers meet in Brussels on Monday 11 March under the Irish Presidency. From the European Commission, Vice-President Siim Kallas, responsible for transport and mobility, will present agenda items on rail interoperability, occurrence reporting in civil aviation and the Clean Power for Transport initiative.


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Passenger rights: better protection for bus and coach travellers in the EU


Regulation (EU) No 181/2011 on bus and coach passenger rights has become applicable, providing bus and coach travellers throughout the EU with new rights. The regulation lays down travellers' basic rights, and imposes a number of obligations on bus and coach companies and terminal managers concerning their responsibility towards the passengers. Every year around 70 million passengers travel by buses and coaches in the EU.


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Aberdeen and Zagreb win EU sustainable mobility awards

Mobility week logo

The European Commission has announced the winners of the 2012 European Mobility Week Award and of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans Award. The cities were presented with their awards by European Commissioners Siim Kallas and Janez Potočnik at a joint award ceremony in Brussels, Belgium (Théâtre du Vaudeville) on 6 March.


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One Europe, One driving licence now available in all languages

Better known as the 'Card Party' this fun video clip shows how the new common EU driving licence will look like. Now available in all 22 official languages!

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Passenger Rights App

Mobile devices

Maritime rights now accessible on mobility with the Passenger Rights smart phone application

The passenger rights smart phone application includes now all the information for the protection of people travelling by sea and inland waterway. Maritime passenger rights entered into force at the end of 2012. For further info on your rights you can check the press release or download the app on your phone and have your rights always at hand when travelling. At the moment the update is only for the English version, all the other languages will follow shortly.

[Check the App]

[Read the press release]

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