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20 years of the single market, 20 achievements in transport – now online

20 success stories

Safer skies, seas and roads, decent working hours for people with jobs in the transport industry and wider choices for those using it, fighting pollution now and finding new technologies to make our future journeys even cleaner – we’ve been busy over the last 20 years at European level to make transport better. Read on to see 20 examples of how Europe has made your life easier and safer through better transport.

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Commission proposes new rules to prevent aircraft accidents


The European Commission proposed today new rules for the better protection of air passengers, aiming to achieve a decreased number of aircraft accidents and fatalities through better use of data on occurrences.


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Europeans better protected when travelling by water

man and boat

By the end of the year new EU rules to better care for passengers when travelling by sea and inland waterways enter into force. As from 18 December, passengers are protected by a set of minimum rights anywhere within the European Union. As from 31 December, passengers travelling by sea will have the right to claim compensation for loss or damage in the event of accidents.


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New rules on cleaner fuels for shipping will deliver benefits for people's health

A cruise ship

New environmental rules on marine fuels will substantially reduce air pollution and its impacts on human health. Air pollutants from maritime shipping are transported over long distances and as a result contribute increasingly to the air quality problems in many European cities. Without any action, sulphur emissions from shipping in EU sea areas would exceed those from all land-based sources by 2020.


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Commission reinforces safety for EU ships


The European Commission adopted a proposal for a new directive on marine equipment (the "MED"). Marine equipment represents a significant fraction of the value of a ship, and its quality and good operation are critical for the safety of the ship and its crew, as well as for the prevention of maritime accidents and pollution of the marine environment.


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Cooperation for more competitive rail freight in Europe

freight train

Ministers in charge of Transport from Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland, in the presence of Commission Vice-President Siim Kallas, signed an agreement on the allocation of capacity for international freight trains on two international rail freight corridors.


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EU flag

Transport and Telecommunications Council – 20 December 2012

The EU's Council of Ministers responsible for Transport and Telecommunications met in Brussels on Thursday 20 December under the Cypriot Presidency. Here are the outcomes of the meeting:

Member States water down proposals for tougher vehicle testing rules to save lives

Key measures to strengthen road safety and save lives have been put at risk by an agreement by transport ministers meeting today in Brussels. Vehicle checks are fundamental to road safety. More than 5 people die on Europe's roads every day in accidents linked to technical failure. EU transport ministers today agreed on a text which would water down key elements of Commission proposals for new rules to toughen up the current testing regime and widen its scope.


EU adopts ambitious external aviation policy

EU transport ministers adopted a comprehensive set of Council conclusions which will lay down the framework for an ambitious EU external aviation policy for the coming years.

Based on the European Commission's recent Communication "The EU's external aviation policy – addressing future challenges"i, the Council has called for stronger coordination, unity and solidarity at EU level and for a more robust EU external aviation policy in order to strengthen the competitiveness of the European aviation industry while supporting the interests of European consumers.


EU and Eurocontrol agree on stronger technical cooperation

The EU and the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation (EUROCONTROL) signed in the margin of the Transport Council a high-level agreement. The agreement will provide a general framework for cooperation and will allow the Commission to make use of the know-how and the expertise of Eurocontrol to speed up the implementation of the Single European Sky (SES). The main goal is achieving an optimal and integrated Air Traffic Management (ATM) network, offering a high degree of safety, cost-efficiency, capacity and environmental protection, for the benefit of passengers and citizens.


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