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Dear Readers,

This is the last Newsletter before the summer break. The next one will be issued early September. We hope you all have a nice summer.

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Air traffic: Commission approves national performance plans to reduce costs and increase capacity in the provision of air traffic management services


The European Commission has written to Member States concerning the performance plans to improve air traffic management under the period 2012-2014 of the Single European Sky Performance Scheme. The scheme is expected to save billions of Euros to the benefit of airspace users and passengers in these three years. The Commission announced that the plans are accepted as broadly in line with legally established European Union-wide targets, but has also adopted recommendations to Member States for further improvements.



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VP Kallas discussed with ministers how to make intelligent transport systems a reality

Logo Cyprus Presidency

On 16 and 17 July 2012, the transport and telecommunications ministers met in an informal council in Nicosia to discuss how to optimise the use of information and communications technologies for transport.



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Holiday season: useful tips for a worry-free summer

Family on holiday

With the holiday season already starting and millions of Europeans intending on travelling within and outside the European Union, there are certain travel considerations that every European should be aware of. Whether these concern having a health insurance, resolving travel disputes with an operator or travelling with a pet, these tips provide a useful insight into the ways in which the EU is working to help and assist EU travellers.


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Liquids, aerosols and gels

Aviation: Assessment of the situation in respect of the screening of liquids, aerosols and gels (LAGs) at EU airports

The European Commission adopted its assessment on the screening of liquids, aerosols and gels (LAGs) at EU airports. The assessment is based on results of trials carried out at a number of EU airports and on extensive consultations with a wide group of stakeholders, it takes stock of the present situation and recommends a way forward in respect of LAGs screening at European airports.

The risk posed by liquid explosives to civil aviation is still significant and Liquid Explosive Detection Systems manufacturers have made considerable progress in recent years to develop instruments which can adequately address this risk.

The Commission's assessment indicates that the removal of the LAGs restrictions on April 2013, as currently envisaged in EU law, could present a considerable operational risk mainly due to the scale of the change.

Faced with security and operational risks and the need to safeguard passenger interests, a phased approach will be necessary to introduce the screening of LAGs.

Starting in January 2014, the Commission recommends that passengers should be able to carry on board all duty free LAGs provided that they are screened.

In the light of the experience gained and in close cooperation with its European and international partners, the Commission will then bring forward proposals for subsequent phases to achieve the final objective of screening all LAGs at the earliest possible date.

To implement these recommendations, the Commission will bring forward proposals to amend the existing legislation on LAGs in Autumn 2012, with the agreement of the Member States and the European Parliament.

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