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Commission launches campaign to inform passengers about their rights

Passengers will enjoy easier access to information about their rights when travelling by rail or air thanks to a Europe-wide publicity campaign in 23 languages launched by the European Commission. Although the Commission has in recent years introduced legislation to ensure air and rail passengers benefit from the same standards of treatment throughout the European Union, not all passengers are yet aware of what they are entitled to. To remedy this, posters reminding people of their rights will be displayed in airports and train stations in all Member States in time for the beginning of the holiday season. Travellers will also be able to consult free leaflets and a specially designed website in all of the European Union's official languages.  

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Passenger Rights

Why is the European Commission launching a campaign to raise awareness of passenger rights?

Although the European Union has made great strides in recent years in establishing common passenger rights for those travelling by air or rail, not every European is yet aware of what he is entitled to. This campaign sets out to make all air and rail passengers aware of what rights they enjoy under European legislation and how to make use of them.

Why now?

This is the start of the holiday season when millions of Europeans will be travelling by plane and train in search of some well-deserved rest and relaxation. Being aware of their rights will prevent many problems for air and rail passengers.

How will it work?

The campaign will be conducted in all of the EU's official 23 languages so that people will be able to be informed about their rights in their mother tongue. Posters and leaflets will be available progressively from the date of campaign launch at airports and train stations in all 27 Member States. In addition there is a website with more information on The Commission also produced a short video about the rights air and rail passengers with a disability or reduced mobility enjoy under European legislation, which will be made available to television channels for broadcast. Short teaser clips produced on a humoristic tone will remind citizens of their rights when they travel. They will also be available online on the campaign website. Furthermore, throughout 2010 and 2011 the Commission will also be present at several key travel fairs to inform people about their rights.


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