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Preparation of the Action Plan on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) for Road Transport

Consultation period: 29/02/2008 - 26/03/2008

Objective of the consultation

We would be very grateful to you if you could inform us on your views and what in your opinion could be done best to foster deployment of ITS and to unlock the real added value of these technologies, services and applications.

By getting your input, we can better understand your needs and priorities regarding specific applications and establish priorities for actions at EU level.

The feedback resulting from this web consultation will be considered for finalising the ITS Action Plan.


The Mid-term review of the European Commission's 2001 White Paper on Transport Policy, "Keep Europe Moving", highlighted the importance of Transport, and stressed the need to face growing challenges regarding a sustainable Road Transport System.

Intelligent Transport Systems, as a result of applying emerging information and communication technologies to transport, have the potential to contribute to a safe, efficient, sustainable and seamless transport of goods and people on the European road network and its interfaces with the other transport modes and to improve the competitiveness of European industry.

However, it looks like acceptance and market penetration of such novel applications and services is low.

The ITS Action Plan

The Action Plan is a European Commission initiative aiming at launching and supporting a limited number of targeted actions to unlock the full potential of ITS in serving EU policies in the field of enhanced road safety, improved transport efficiency and reduced environmental impact and to create the momentum necessary to speed up market penetration of (rather mature) ITS applications and services.
The initiative is supported by 5 Directorates closely co-operating: Directorate General Energy and Transport, Information Society and Media, Research, Enterprise and Industry and Environment.

More information on background and approach can be found in the ITS Roadmap Outline pdf - 131 KB [131 KB] on "Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) for more efficient, safer and cleaner road transport"

Thrust of the ITS Action Plan

The Action Plan should answer the following questions:

  • which ITS applications can best serve policy goals, and which are mature enough to allow Europe-wide deployment in the short-to-medium term?
  • what instruments available to the Commission services should best be used to speed up market penetration of these ITS applications and services.


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Questions and results

Results of the public consultation pdf - 67 KB [67 KB]

Consultation questionnaire pdf - 35 KB [35 KB]

ITS Action Plan

ITS Roadmap Outline pdf - 131 KB [131 KB]

Stakeholders’ workshop

On the 26th March 2008, the European Commission has organised an Open Workshop in Brussels relative to the state of progress in the preparation of the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Action Plan. Stakeholders were invited to assist to the discussion and provide feedback.

Results and contributions zip - 206 KB [206 KB]