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Public consultations

Revision of the community legislation on the access to the road transport market and on the admission to the occupation of road transport operator

Consultation period: 09/06/2006 - 09/08/2006

Objective of the consultation

The Community rules governing the access to road transport market and the admission to the occupation of road transport operators are laid down in various regulations and directives. Based on the Commission’s commitment to “Better regulation” and to simplify the existing body of laws (“acquis”) the Commission is considering whether and how to improve the current regime in order to enhance the clarity, readability and enforceability of these rules and better regulate certain aspects of the current regime by merging the current regulations and directives as far as possible and reformulating certain provisions (e.g. on community licence, cabotage).

The purpose of the consultation paper is to outline these plans and to seek the opinion of the interested parties. Based on the feedback received in this initial consultation the Commission will decide whether and how to proceed.