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The Network Manager

The Network Manager (Function) has been created by the Single European Sky II legislation with the strong support of stakeholders and is granted 4 main functions :

  • to develop and create Route Network Design
  • to provide a central function for Frequency Allocation
  • to coordinate improvement of SSR Code Allocation, and
  • to organise the management and operations of the functions, including ATFM.

The Network Management Implementing Rule (EU N° 677/2011) lists at Article 4 the tasks to be performed by the Network Manager in pursuit of the functions listed above and includes the provision of support for Crisis Management.

Eurocontrol was nominated as Network Manager for these functions via a Commission Decision on 7th July 2011 (C(2011) 4130 final) following consultation of the Single Sky Committee. This nomination will run out to the end of the second Reference Period (i.e. 31st December 2019) and may be extended. In addition to the functions listed above, the Network Manager shall "contribute to the deployment of SESAR according to the European ATM Master Plan." The actions of the Network Manager are agreed and supported by the Network Management Board on which sit representatives of ANSPs, airspace users, the military, and airport operators. The Network Manager will generate Strategic and Operational Plans for the Network.

The European Commisison intends to ensure that the Network Manager is subject to the provisions of the Performance Scheme and contributes to improvements in the 4 Key performance Areas, therein : Safety, Cost-Efficiency, Environment and Capacity.