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National Supervisory Authorities and recognised organisations

National Supervisory Authorities (NSAs) ensure the supervision of the regulatory framework in all Member States. They are in particular responsible for certifying and overseeing air navigation service providers as well as for the preparation of the national performance plans of the Member States concerned.

Information on National Supervisory Authorities in the context of the Single European Sky (update of February 2014) pdf - 616 KB [616 KB]

National Supersory Authorities may decide to entrust Qualified Entities with carrying out inspections and surveys. For instance, the German and Austrian NSAs have recognised the Qualified Entities.

A platform of NSAs - the NSA Coordination Platform, has been established at European level with cross-fertilization purpose. The exchange of practices and the reinforcement of the cooperation undertaken under the umbrella of the NSA Coordination Platform (NCP) has brought a significant added value, which supports the Single European Sky implementation in the EU Members and associated States.

Terms of Reference for the National Supervisory Authorities' Coordination Platform pdf - 27 KB [27 KB]

In addition, a programme of peer reviews of NSAs has been initiated by the European Commission (2010-2012) : its objective was to reinforce the NSAs capabilities and to share best practices in a comprehensive manner.

Finally, EASA has started to carry out inspections of individual NSAs in spring 2012 to verify whether they perform their regulatory tasks in compliance with the EU legislation.