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Implementation of (EC) Regulation No 1794/2006 - the Charging Regulation

En Route ANS costs and rates for 2009

Information collected from Member States on their 2009 en route air navigation services costs and unit rates in application of Articles 8 and 15 of (EC) Regulation No 1794/2006 (the Charging Regulation).

For 25 out of the 27 Member States, the information on en route ANS costs and rates is collected and validated through Eurocontrol arrangements in application of the "Multilateral Agreement relating to Route Charges" signed on 12 February 1981 and entered into force on 1 January 1986. These arrangements also provide for a twice-yearly user consultation.

Estonia and Latvia are the two Member States that are not Members of Eurocontrol. As a consequence, their en route air navigation services costs and unit rates are sent directly to the Commission. The communication of this information to the Commission does not discharge these States from the obligation to organise an effective and transparent consultation hearing to present this information to airspace users' representatives, in application of Article 15 of the charging Regulation.

CRCO Overview pdf - 80 KB [80 KB] : overview of charges, service units and unit rates covering the period 2003-2013 (status of November 2008)

En Route ANS costs and charges per Member State: