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European Network of Civil Aviation Safety Investigation Authorities (ENCASIA)

Civil aviation safety investigation authorities of the Member States of the EU gathered on 19th January 2011 in Brussels to establish the "European Network of Civil Aviation Safety Investigation Authorities" (ENCASIA). The objective of the Network will be to develop common approaches to air accident investigation in the EU, strengthen capacity and independence of national competent authorities and advice EU institutions on civil aviation safety investigation and prevention matters.

ENCASIA constitutes an independent grouping of the civil aviation safety investigation authorities of the EU Member States. Its establishment is envisaged by Regulation (EU) No 996/2010 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the investigation and prevention of accidents and incident in civil aviation, which entered into force on 2nd December 2010.

The mission of ENCASIA is to further improve the quality of civil aviation safety investigations and to strengthen the independence of the national investigating authorities. It is responsible for issues such as development of training activities, promoting best safety investigation practices, developing a mechanism for sharing investigating resources, and advising EU institutions on civil aviation safety investigation and prevention matters. The detailed activities of ENCASIA are defined in its annual work program.

The European Commission is closely associated to its work and cooperates with ENCASIA on all aspects related to the development of the EU civil aviation accident investigation and prevention policy and regulation.

The Network is chaired by Mr. Ulf Kramer, head of the air safety investigation authority of Germany. Mr. Keith Conradi, head of the air safety investigation authority of the United Kingdom, acts as a Deputy Chairman.