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News (27/11/2013)

EU experts warn on airport capacity crunch and invite the Commission to take action on intermodality

The European Observatory on Airport Capacity held a plenary meeting at which it fully endorsed the findings on network congestion and climate change and resilience of "Challenges of Growth 2013 ", a comprehensive study carried out by Eurocontrol highlighting the likely problems resulting from a shortage of airport capacity in Europe. By 2035 it is predicted that there will be more than 20 Heathrow-like airports by 2035 (airports running at 80% or more of capacity for 6 hours/day) - they were just three in 2012 -, the average delay to each flight caused by a lack of capacity will be between 5 and 6 minutes and that airlines and airports will be unable to accommodate 12% of the demand for air travel due to a lack of airport capacity. The Observatory also adopted concrete policy recommendations on intermodality at European airports and reviewed the work undertaken during the Observatory's first mandate since 2007.

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