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Possible revision of Regulation 2299/89 on a Code of Conduct for computerised reservation systems (CRS)

Consultation period: 23/02/2007 - 27/04/2007 

Computerised Reservation Systems (CRS) provide customers with instantaneous information about the availability of air transport services and the fares for such services. They permit travel agents to make immediate confirmed reservations on behalf of the consumer. Regulation 2299/89 defines rules of conduct for the various market participants.

The consultation paper gives an overview of the most recent market developments and invites all interested parties to provide their views and comments on the raised questions in order to assess the need for revision of Regulation 2299/89.

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Council Regulation (EEC) No 2299/89 of 24 July 1989 on a code of conduct for computerized reservation systems

Consultation results

Summary of the contributions pdf - 29 KB [29 KB]

DISCLAIMER: The summary of the consultations does not express the position of the Commission, neither does it commit the Commission, nor should it be assumed that it will be the position taken by the Commission following this consultation process.

Individual Contributions zip - 4 MB [4 MB]

Background documents

 Consultation paper pdf - 147 KB [147 KB]

Consultation paper

Consolidated text of Regulation 2299/89

Commission proposal for a revision of the Code of Conduct on computerised reservation systems