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No. 80 - 22 December 2011

  • Aviation: Commission adopts proposal on how to prepare for next stage of the SESAR programme
  • Passenger rights: Commission publishes a Communication on all transport modes and moves forward on air passenger rights

No. 79 - 16 December 2011

  • Air transport: Gearing up for the 2011-2012 winter season to avoid major air travel disruption
  • A European vision for passengers: protecting EU passengers' rights in tomorrow's transport

No. 78 - 9 December 2011

  • Public vote on electronic journey planners now open
  • Smart mobility challenge
  • Horizon 2020: €80 billion programme for investment in research and innovation

No. 77 - 2 December 2011

  • Follow the Joint EESC - EC Conference on the White Paper on Transport on Twitter
  • TEN-T Days 2011: Decision makers meet to discuss how infrastructure investment can get the economy moving
  • Air transport: Commission welcomes agreement on Siberian overflights
  • Europe's Airports 2030: The 10 key facts and figures
  • "Better Airports" Package Launched

No. 76 - 25 November 2011

  • Aviation: Commission updates the EU list of air carriers subject to an operating ban
  • Single European Sky: Commission urges Member States to improve performance of air navigation services
  • Aviation safety: new EU-wide licences to make flying safer
  • Airports: Commission requests Austria, Germany, Hungary, Italy and Luxembourg to comply with rules on airport charges
  • European railways: Commission refers Germany to the Court of Justice over interoperability
  • Maritime safety: Commission sends reasoned opinion to four Member States
  • More infringement cases
  • Single European Sky progress reports
  • Road safety: young people met in Brussels to discuss how to tackle road deaths

No. 75 - 18 November 2011

  • Fewer accidents on EU railways in 2010
  • Vote for your favourit road safety poster for Europe- votes open until midnight today!
  • Aviation security: Commission adopts new rules on the use of security scanners at European airports
  • TEN-T Days 2011
  • Marco Polo: The 2011 call for proposals is open until 16 January 2012

No. 74 - 11 November 2011

  • Joint EESC – EC Conference on the White Paper on Transport
  • Marco Polo: The 2011 call for proposals is open
  • Design a road safety poster for Europe!
  • The challenges ahead for Europe's automotive industry

No. 73 - 28 October 2011

  • Commission's action for a better air safety management system in Europe
  • Republic of Moldova to gradually integrate into the European common aviation market
  • EU and Sri Lanka ink deal to boost air transport
  • Commission requests Portugal to comply with rules on the charging of heavy goods vehicles
  • Aviation: the Commission addresses a reasoned opinion to Belgium
  • Commission requests Hungary to adopt measures on driving licences
  • Commission welcomes Sweden's decision on port security
  • Workshop on public transport by rail and by road
  • Conference on transport research
  • EU and Eastern Partnership region move forward with transport cooperation

No. 72 - 20 October 2011

  • Connecting Europe Facility: Commission adopts plan for €50 billion boost to European networks
  • Connecting Europe: The new EU core transport network

No. 71 - 14 October 2011

  • Rail platform to address challenges for European rail sector
  • EU–Russia aviation summit: a way forward for more business growth and stronger cooperation
  • EU–Russia aviation summit, St. Petersburg, 12 October 2011

No. 70 - 7 October 2011

  • European Commission sets the rules for allocation of free emissions allowances to airlines
  • EU to negotiate an air transport agreement with Azerbaijan
  • Transport's role in keeping Europe competitive
  • Multimodal journey planner challenge: deadline extended to 15 October

No. 69 - 29 September 2011

  • Commission requests Italy to introduce a risk rating system for road transport companies
  • Commission launches infringement proceedings against France and the UK over Channel tunnel
  • Road safety

No. 68 - 22 September 2011

  • EU and ICAO launch closer collaboration on civil aviation issues
  • Market trends and structure of the road haulage sector in the EU in 2010

No. 67 - 15 September 2011

  • Transport: Commission proposes updated EU rules on training of seafarers
  • Ten years after 9/11: What has been done in Europe to make flying safer from terrorist attacks?
  • Marco Polo: Maritime transport experts needed
  • Multimodal journey planner challenge: deadline extended to 15 October
  • Survey on our website to end at the end of September

No. 66 - 8 September 2011

  • Multimodal journey planner challenge: deadline extended to 15 October
  • European Commission to bring forward new package of measures for ports in 2013
  • New secure truck parking opened on the Russian border with EU support
  • Survey on our website to end at the end of September
  • Multimodal journey planner challenge

No. 65 - 22 July 2011

  • Commission welcomes the International Maritime Organization agreement to tackle CO2 emissions
  • Road transport: new tachograph rules will save companies more than €500 million per year
  • Task Force on maritime employment and competitiveness delivered a report
  • Signature of a Memorandum of Cooperation between Japan and the European Commission’s Directorate General for Mobility and Transport on SESAR (Air Traffic Management)
  • FAQ on the proposal to modify Council Regulation (EEC) No 3821/85 on tachographs

No. 64 - 15 July 2011

  • The Lyon-Turin new railway link – The Commission reiterates its full support for the project
  • Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport website survey
  • EU Neighbourhood Transport Plan

No. 63 - 07 July 2011

  • Road safety: EU crackdown on drivers committing traffic offences abroad
  • Road safety: EU road fatalities fall by 11% in 2010
  • Commission launches new Neighbourhood Transport Action Plan
  • Closer cooperation on Short Sea Shipping with US
  • Road safety: EU crackdown on drivers committing traffic offences abroad

No. 62 - 30 June 2011

  • Investing today for growth tomorrow
  • Reducing greenhouse gases from ships: time is ticking away
  • Commission makes €180 million available for key infrastructure projects
  • Road freight transport - Commission asks a group of "wise men" to review the state of the internal market
  • EU and Indonesia sign deal that will boost air transport
  • Connecting Europe: Transport

No. 61 - 24 June 2011

  • Aviation: Transport Commissioner calls for closer collaboration on technology at Bourget Air show
  • EU to join international rail organisation COTIF

No. 60 - 16 June 2011

  • Transport: New rules to establish a more competitive rail market
  • Irish air travel tax: Commission welcomes overhaul of discriminatory charges; closes infringement case
  • Commission requests 10 Member States to comply with green vehicle procurement rules
  • Maritime security: the Commission calls on Sweden to apply correctly measures to improve port security
  • Maritime Safety: Commission requests nine Member States to comply with EU vessel traffic monitoring and information system regime
  • Commission requests eight Member States to implement railway interoperability Directives
  • Europeans generally satisfied with train services but want more access to information when travelling
  • Transport: New rules to establish a more competitive rail market

No. 59 - 09 June 2011

  • Transport commissioner launches challenge for journey planner for Europe
  • Vice President Kallas launches Twitter account
  • Vice President Kallas welcomes European Parliament vote on road charging (Eurovignette Directive)
  • Road charging: Heavy lorries to pay for costs of air and noise pollution

No. 58 - 01 June 2011

  • "Intelligent Transport Systems in Action" Conference in Lyon
  • VP Kallas to outline how electric cars will bring about a transport revolution
  • New e-poll: tell us what you think!
  • Up to 28 million additional passengers could travel each year with more efficient use of European airport slots

No. 57 - 26 May 2011

  • First meeting establishing the Lyon-Turin Axis Platform
  • Volcanic ash — Grimsvötn eruption
  • Vice President Siim Kallas "After one year, Europe is faced with a volcano again. But this time things are different."

No. 56 - 19 May 2011

  • Commission asks nine Member States to implement the directive aimed at improving safety of European railways
  • Airport services: infringement proceeding against Portugal
  • Maritime safety: Commission requests seven Member States to comply with new EU port state control regime
  • Road infrastructure safety: Commission requests action from eleven Member States
  • Air transport: Commission launches infringement procedure against Romania over agreement with Russia on equal treatment of EU airlines
  • A European Maritime Day that Puts People First

No. 55 - 13 May 2011

  • Facilitating Short Sea Shipping: customs authorities informed of ships movements by Blue Belt pilot project
  • Spanish high speed rail to receive boost thanks to EU funding

No. 54 - 06 May 2011

  • Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovak Republic and Slovenia sign agreement towards the Single European Sky
  • The 2011 TEN-T Calls for Proposal Info Day
  • Commission signs Memorandum of Cooperation with the International Civil Aviation Organisation
  • Ground breaking agreement on civil aviation safety between the EU and the US enters into force
  • Commission advises that the lifting of 'duty-free' liquid restrictions be deferred
  • Facilitating the exchange of rail data – Frequently asked questions
  • Commission to push for pan European passenger rail ticketing

No. 53 - 28 April 2011

  • Air traffic over Central Europe improving thanks to EU project
  • Commission updates the EU list of air carriers subject to an operating ban

No. 52 - 15 April 2011

  • UK multimodal centre to become reality thanks to EU funding
  • 50 facts and figures website on transport now available in Enligh, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Polish
  • Volcanic ash disruption: one year on and crisis preparedness
  • Passenger rights – Main findings and next steps

No. 51 - 7 April 2011

  • Driving licences: Commission requests seven Member States to comply with new EU measures on fitness to drive
  • Commission launches infringement procedures against two Member States over agreements with Russia on equal treatment of EU airlines and Siberian overflights
  • Kallas visits Germany to present transport strategy
  • Kallas calls on Member States to work together on travel information

No. 50 - 31 March 2011

  • Commission makes €24.2 million available to the development of electromobility in Europe
  • "Flightpath 2050" report presented by Commissioner Siim Kallas at the 2011 Aerodays in Madrid
  • TEN-T policy presented and discussed at Committee of the Regions event on "Moving Europe's Regions and Cities – Perspectives of the EU Transport Policy and Trans-European Networks"
  • Facts and figures and video on the Roadmap to a Single European Transport Areas
  • Transport 2050: Commission outlines ambitious plan to increase mobility and reduce emissions

No. 49 - 24 March 2011

  • Majority of Europeans embrace green travel
  • VP Kallas welcomes European Railway Agency opinion to pave the way for more competition for Passenger Trains in the Channel Tunnel
  • EU and Cape Verde sign a "horizontal" agreement on certain aspects of air services
  • Breakthrough in EU-Brazil negotiations on far-reaching aviation agreement

No. 48 - 17 March 2011

  • European Coordinator Pat Cox very positive on the Brenner Corridor
  • Commission unveiled the Eltis web portal
  • Commission orders eight Member States to implement the Directive aimed at ensuring better occupational mobility for train drivers
  • Commission asks Austria, Estonia, Germany and the UK to transpose EU rules on rail safety indicators
  • Commission requests Cyprus to adopt a national civil aviation security programme
  • Infringements concerning bilateral aviation agreements with Russia

No. 47 - 10 March 2011

  • Commission welcomes support from the Aviation Platform for long-term strategy for research and innovation in aviation
  • Single European Sky accelerates following announcement of key implementation measures

No. 46 - 3 March 2011

  • Commission launches consultation on "Europe 2020 Project Bonds" to fund infrastructure
  • Directorate-General of Mobility and Transport newsletter on road safety 5
  • Commission decision concerning the 2011 Work Programme in the field of mobility and transport
  • Another major step toward the establishment of the European Single Sky

No. 45 - 24 February 2011

  • EU grants €170 million to vital infrastructure projects across Europe

No. 44 - 17 February 2011

  • Commission refers Malta to the Court of Justice over airport groundhandling services at Malta-Luqa airport
  • Commission requests Poland to apply security standards at airports
  • Commission launches infringement procedures against six Member States over agreements with Russia on equal treatment of EU airlines and Siberian overflights
  • Infringements concerning bilateral aviation agreements with Russia
  • Commission welcomes European Parliament approval for bus and coach passenger rights

No. 43 - 10 February 2011

  • Commission poised to push for success at International Maritime Organization CO² talks
  • EU research and innovation funding: Commission consults on radical changes to create more growth and jobs
  • Dedicated daytime running lights to be mandatory for all new cars from 2011 onwards
  • EU Transport Ministers discuss the future of the Trans-European Transport Network

No. 42 - 03 February 2011

  • Austrian government gives green light to Brenner Base Tunnel
  • Fitness check – internal aviation market
  • Vice-President Siim Kallas presents road safety awards

No. 41- 27 January 2011

  • First interoperable rail link opens between Iberian peninsula and France
  • Rail safety: Commission requests Belgium to ensure full independence of authorities
  • Air transport: Commission requests Poland to establish procedures for allocating air traffic rights
  • Air transport: Commission launches infringement procedures against seven Member States over agreements with Russia on Siberian overflights
  • Air transport: Infringements concerning bilateral aviation agreements with Russia
  • Alternative fuels for transport
  • Expert group report: Alternative fuels could replace fossil fuels in Europe by 2050

No. 40 - 20 January 2011

  • Report on ports and their connections with TEN-T
  • Report on Trans-European transport network planning methodology
  • Air transport: Vice President Kallas convenes European airports to draw the lessons from air travel disruption due to snow

No. 39 - 13 January 2011

  • This year's challenges by Director-General Mathias Ruete
  • Study on the legal situation regarding security of flights from third-countries to the EU
  • Public seminar presentation on the evaluation of the European Railway Agency
  • New passengers rights in the 2011 edition of Europe and You