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Commission launches

Forum on Digital Transport and Logistics

Brussels, 1-2 July 2015

President Juncker identified 'Jobs, Growth and Investment' and 'A Connected Digital Single Market' as the first two priorities for EU policy. The goal is to foster growth, competiveness, jobs and the internal market, in particular through making better use of the opportunities offered by digital technologies. Specifically in the transport sector, such tools could improve the use of existing resources and the daily life of citizens.

In this context, the European Commission will launch on 1 and 2 July the Digital Transport and Logistics Forum (DTLF) for the next three years.

The Forum will aim at the further digitalisation of freight transport and logistics. It will bring together Member States and stakeholders from transport and logistics communities in order to identify areas where common action in the EU is needed, to provide recommendations and solutions, and to work on the implementation of these recommendations and solutions, where appropriate. The DTLF envisages in particular to address the following topics:

  1. Standardisation,
  2. Creating a climate of trust : data protection and cybersecurity,
  3. Recognition of e-transport documents by banks, authorities, insurances,
  4. Access to data,
  5. Infrastructure,
  6. New business opportunities.

Elements of background pdf - 276 KB [276 KB] are available for further precisions.

In practice, the European Commission published on 9 April 2015 the Decision setting-up an expert group on Digital Transport and Logistics – The Digital Transport and Logistics Forum [C(2015)2259] pdf - 62 KB [62 KB] Deutsch (de) français (fr)

Following a Call for Applications, the members of the DTLF were selected. The composition of the DTLF is detailed in the List of Members pdf - 197 KB [197 KB] .

The first plenary of the Forum will take place on 1 and 2 July in Brussels. In addition to the plenary meetings, Forum Members will convene in technical working groups addressing specific barriers to digitalisation of freight transport and logistics.

Information on the Forum activities will be regularly updated on the Register of Commission Expert Groups

For more precisions, please contact: MOVE-DIGITAL-TRANSPORT@EC.EUROPA.EU