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Le transport maritime

Measures to support freight transport
18 October 2007

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Research in the field of maritime transport and technological innovation is one of the best investments for the near future and conditions the competitiveness of the sector. At The European Community supports the development of maritime transport through its multi-annual framework programmes for research and development (RTD) since 1994. The Community contributes to the cost of selected Research and Technological Demonstration (RTD) Activities and Networking Activities that are proposed and managed by international consortia.

More detail about related community research policy and programmes can be found from:

CORDIS website  

RESEARCH website

GALILEO website 

GMES website 

The vast majority of the results and reports from these projects are available free on-line. More details can be found by contacting the project co-ordinators directly.

Like intermodal and logistics research, maritime research should be in support of the Directorate General for Energy and Transport’s policies. The maritime sector itself needs to be integrated into the transport chain. Safety and security at seas, port efficiency, overall control and management of the ship and transported goods, and improvement of environmental performance of the maritime sector will remain priorities. 

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