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Maritime transport

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18 October 2007


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Career prospects ashore

Maritime careers are not limited to sea. You may wish to change and further your career by using the experience you gained at sea in a position ashore. There is a large variety of job opportunities ashore within the maritime cluster, for most of which sea-going experience is a very valuable asset.

With growing world trade and shipping industry, the range of supporting maritime activities is continually increasing. Today maritime business offers job opportunities ashore in a large variety of fields, such as:

Maritime related Administrations and Authorities

  • Port authorities (pilotage services, towage services, harbour masters’ departments etc);
  • Port State control;
  • Regional and national administrations (ship management, vessel traffic services, ship survey etc),
  • International organisations;

Maritime industry

  • Shipping Companies;
  • Manning companies;
  • Marine insurance companies;
  • Classification societies;
  • Maritime legal and financial services;

Maritime Education and Training Institutions

Besides, sea experience is also a very valuable asset for enhancing your knowledge and competency as regards the maritime related industry. You may thus wish to increase the prospects of finding shore-based employment by taking up post graduate specific courses to prepare for this variety of technical and management jobs ashore. Many education and training institutions in the European Community offer such possibilities.

As you see, the maritime sector comprises such a wide and diversified range of job opportunities one could choose from!

Several career paths for shore-based employment are there for you to explore:
Maritime Industries Career Path Mapping (52 KB)

last update: 15-12-2008