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  • 19/05/2014 : Last Marco Polo II Call finances 27 projects


  • 08/01/2014 : On 01/01/2014 the management of the programme has been transfered to INEA


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The European Commission requires beneficiaries to submit regular reports. Marco Polo is no exception. Regular reports - technical, administrative and/or financial - provide the information by which progress against contract commitments can be measured. They also show where problems or delays have occurred and which corrective action has been taken. Reporting requirements under Marco Polo are kept simple. Templates for the different types of reports are contained in the annexes to the Grant Agreement.

Keep on track

All Marco Polo projects have a duration of two-to-five years. The reporting frequency is once per year. Beneficiaries submit interim (or progress) reports every 12 months, accompanied by an updated financial statement in case an interim or final payment is due. The interim reports provide information on progress to date. They also list upcoming tasks and contain forecasts and milestones for the following 12-month period.

Each report contains information on the amount of freight shifted off the road onto greener modes or road transport avoided during the reporting period and a quantified assessment of the environmental benefits achieved. Marco Polo actions which have an innovation objective - motorways of the sea, traffic avoidance, catalyst actions and common learning- should also report on progress towards achievements.

Based on the data on freight shifted or avoided held in the 'specific registration tool' , the beneficiary will submit to EACI 'a regular communication' on the actual modal shift or traffic avoidance achieved to date in tonne-kilometres or cubic metre-kilometres in addition to the full yearly reports.

At the close of each project, beneficiaries must submit a final report. This document has the same structure as the interim reports, but draws a set of final conclusions. It is also accompanied by a final financial statement. In addition, the beneficiary must submit an audit certificate from an approved auditor, confirming and validating the actual volume of modal shift or traffic avoidance achieved during the whole period of the grant agreement.

Use the templates

A series of templates are available to make reporting easier.

Check list for the submission of interim/final report msw8 - 25 KB [25 KB]

Marco Polo II - call 2010 and onwards

Marco Polo II - call 2009

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