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  • 19/05/2014 : Last Marco Polo II Call finances 27 projects


  • 08/01/2014 : On 01/01/2014 the management of the programme has been transfered to INEA


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Marco Polo in action

Freight train in motion

Over the period 2003-2009, 125 projects involving more than 500 companies have received funding from the Marco Polo programme.

Most projects benefitting from the programme are modal shift actions. They accounted for 79% of the funding. These are projects which can viably shift freight from the road to other forms of transport in current market conditions, and where operational losses incurred during the start-up period can be covered by a Marco Polo grant. Common learning actions accounted for 9% of the funding and catalyst actions accounted for 8%. Traffic avoidance projects and motorways of the sea projects accounted for 2% of the funding each, but these categories have only existed since 2007.

Marco Polo II

Eye witness

The project helps us to realise our strategy to force a change of mindset in the existing road transport market

Edwin Schouten,
Director, HZ Logistics

70 projects were selected for grants in the period 2007-2009, i.e. the first three years of the Marco Polo II programme. The maximum subsidy amount per project ranged from €0.37 million to €7.5 million. These projects aim to take a total of 54 billion tonne-kilometres of freight off the roads each year. The total benefit to society as a result of avoiding the environmental and social costs of road freight traffic is estimated to be worth €1.4 billion.

32 new projects in 2010

Under the 2010 call for proposals, 32 projects were successful - from 101 bidders for the budget of €63.54 million.

Of the 32 projects, 26 were modal shift actions , i.e. robust, but not necessarily innovative projects which take freight off the roads. Four were common learning actions i.e. they innovate in ways of dealing efficiently and sustainably with increasingly complex transport and logistics solutions. There was one traffic avoidance action, transport and production, and one motorway of the sea action i.e. an action offering a door-to-door service by combining short-sea shipping services with other modes of transport. No catalyst actions were selected in 2010.


Marco polo beneficiaries

The projects selected for Marco Polo funding are listed by year of the call for proposals.

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