Marco Polo Baltic Conference in Gdansk 23-24 September 2009

general information:


> Press Pack & Photos (PDF, 541 Kb)
> Programme (PDF, 68 Kb)
> Transportation and Maps (PDF, 3.8 Mb)


Download the presentations:


> Marco Polo, your programme / Patrick Lambert, EACI Director (PDF, 540 Kb)
> Future trends of the Marco Polo regulation / Pawel Stelmaszczyk, Head of Unit, European Commission’s DG for Energy and Transport (PDF, 223 Kb)
> For a Sustainable Freight Transport in Europe / Patrick Vankerckhoven, Head of Unit Marco Polo, EACI
(PDF, 357 Kb)
> How to apply for funding : tips and tricks! / Anne Barseth, EACI (PDF, 169 Kb)
> IRIS Project / Dorota Stromidło, Coordinator, Pol-Rail (PDF, 457 Kb)
> Nethpola Project / Stelios Adoni, Chief Financial Officer & Nakis Kassos, Managing Director, Lemissoler Shipping Group (PDF, 364 Kb)
> Nepol Express Project / Marcel Sames, Director Sales & Business Development, Polzug Intermodal GmbH
(PDF, 494 Kb)
> IGOR Project / Yasmin Fazal, General Manager, Spedition Services (PDF, 3.49 Mb)
> Scandinavian Shuttle Project / Björn Boklund, Business Development Manager, UBQ AB Malmoe Sweden
(PDF, 3.24 Mb)
> Port of Gdansk: Perspectives on Development / Julian Skelnik, Marketing Director, Proxy Port of Gdansk Authority SA (PDF, 3.54 Mb)


Marco Polo 2009 Info Day: The key to a successful application

On 4 February 2009 the first Marco Polo European Info Day was organised in Brussels. Over 300 participants attended the event.



Background Documents




Press Pack


Photo selection


Download the presentations:


Marco Polo: The Programme in Brief / Patrick Lambert, EACI (481 Kb)
Keynote speech: Marco Polo: New Ways to a Green Horizon / Zoltan Katzatsay, European Commission's Directorate-General for Energy and Transport (108 Kb)
IBERLIM and SCAPEMEND projects / Francisco Chagas, Naveiro (763 Kb)
The SIRIUS 1 project / Jean Marc Dumas, Evian Volvic Group (828 Kb)
The 2E3S.COM & the GLAD projects / Eduard Rodes, Escola Europea de Short Sea Shipping (264 Kb)
The operational management of the Marco Polo programme / Patrick Vankerckhoven, EACI (365 Kb)
Marco Polo: Mastering the application process / Anne Barseth and Andre Pestana, EACI (141 Kb)


Watch the video recordings of the event:

Session 1: Deutsch - English - Français - Polski

Session 2: Deutsch - English - Français - Polski

Session 3: Deutsch - English - Français - Polski


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